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You Can't Fail...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Tracie Louise Photography rosella nature bird Australia Native success goals desire career

What would you do if you knew that you couldn't fail at it? If you knew for 100% certain that your only option was success and fulfilment?

I used to ask myself that question when I was trying to figure out what I was "meant" to be doing with my life. I used to believe that we all come here with 1 specific purpose and if I could just figure out what that purpose was, then I would finally be happy. I searched for years (decades) trying to figure out my purpose... until one day... it finally dawned on me.

Now I'm not so sure that we all have just one mission in life, except maybe to enjoy it to the best of our ability and to live every moment to it's absolute fullest. But I do know that we all have things that fire our passions.... dreams.... goals... ideals of how we would like our life to look.

What if you knew that by pursuing your deepest desires, failure was impossible? Because, and here's the kicker... I now believe that it is. I have come to realise that God, or Universe, or Spirit, or Higher Self, or whatever you like to call it, would not have given you hopes and dreams and passions and desires, and not have given you the means to fulfil them. That would just be cruel. And I refuse to believe that life is cruel. Stuff happens, sure. But we ALWAYS have choice in how we react and how we chose to deal with life's "stuff".

Tracie Louise Photography bower yellow nature bird Australia Native success goals desire career

I have a dream. A desire. A life's purpose, if you will. Looking back now (isn't hindsight awesome), I can see that it has been with me all along, since I was very young). I just always believed that failure was possible, and that scared me so sufficiently that I failed to even try. I believed in failure and failure is what I got.

By changing my belief and realising (FINALLY) that God gave me a talent and a vision and a desire, and therefore also gave me the means to realise it... Failure is now 100% completely impossible! So long as I continue to move forward in the direction of my dream. So long as I continue to learn and grow and develop my skills and potential. So long as I continue to believe in myself and even more importantly continue to believe in the power of belief itself.. then it is impossible for me to do anything other than succeed.

Tracie Louise Photography rosella nature bird Australia Native success goals desire career

And it could even be argued that I have already achieved Success, just by believing it's potential.

What will you achieve, now that you know that You Can't Fail!!!!

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