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Yoga for Grounding

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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When I started doing Yoga 5 years ago I was doing it to stretch out my body. I was exercising at that time but wanted and needed something else.

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Light up your inner strength!

I was going to the gym but that became a constant source of pain. I would hurt myself raging against the machines, take a couple of months to heal then do it again.

Yoga was not new to me, though when I first did it in my 20's it put me to sleep. I needed something more lively back then but now in my 50's I was ready to give it another go.

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Take the journey!

It has been a great journey, starting out slowly not knowing anything about any of the poses. It is harder than it looks, yet over time the strength and flexibility you obtain can leave you stronger in your life than you ever thought possible. I am stronger now than I was at any other time in my life.

Find yourself a good Yogini who not only shines in the poses but also in the way they bring yoga across to you. Your instructor will be able to get you to ease your mind as you go through the poses, bringing your stress levels down and also encouraging you to live a life better lived, to love yourself, to love the place of peace you can find within by being mindful, aware and non-judging.

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Mind and body become one!

You find you can go deeper into yourself. You find you can be grounded, living within your body, feeling what you need, finding inner strength that not only serves your body but your mind and spirit as well. Mind and body become one!

It allows you to look inside of yourself. You start to see things that you can heal, you start to trust what you feel, you start to ground into the life you are opening up.

The core strength you develop becomes the basis for a stronger life, one of gratitude, one of inner wisdom, a lighter sense of being and a place you can come back to always, because you are strong.

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You can surrender to your inner guidance!

I have just started my own business in Energy Healing because I have found the inner strength I needed and a support system based around my Yoga instructor and those who practice with her. These two areas of practice marry nicely together with the way my life is unfolding.

Life can unfold like the petals of a flower - beautifully, with great strength!

Not only has she taught me poses which are the physical aspect of Yoga - stretching body and doing it regularly to keep feeling good but also the emotional and spiritual aspects of it. I can now sit quietly, look inside and be still, sit within my body, within my spirit, and be able to pay attention to what it is trying to say. Thank you, Alexis.

Yoga is stretching and strengthening but also finding your inner grounded self.


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