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Why we must embrace our positive fears

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Franklin D. Roosevelt said "...the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself". My view is that we have nothing to fear from fear.

Don't be a 'fraidy cat (Attribution: Flickr - Vassilis)

Think of some of the things that make us afraid. Going to travel in a new country for the first time, calling up that cute girl that you really like, quitting your job to start a business or having children.

These fears are different from being scared of an attacker or a wild animal. That fear is designed to make you run away or fight. When we are facing change the fear can feel the same, but we need to react to it differently.

Some fear simply means we are doing something that is life changing. That fear is a great thing, it tells us that we are going above and beyond.

Often it is change that we fear (Attribution: Flickr - m.a.r.c.)

To give a simple example. A guy wants to ask a girl out. If he does it casually without any fear, it is because he doesn't care whether she says yes or no. But, should he meet a girl he really likes, then when he approaches her to ask her out, the stomach starts churning, his heart is racing and he can feel the fear building. Now ask yourself, which girl should he ask out?

So to embrace positive fear we can

Recognise it as a sign that we are starting a big change or doing something important.

Turn fear into excitement in our minds. Focus on the adventure not on being scared.

Seek out new things that make you nervous. If you are never scared then you are not changing and growing.

Take control of the change to reduce the fear. Be active, not passive.

Accept that there will be things that we can't control, especially when it come to change.

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