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Who is your Captain!

by BK (follow)
I was reading a story the other day, so wonderfully crafted. An individual commented for the author ' You write so wonderful. I wish I could write like you'.
The write replied ' I am glad you don't write like me - because that means you write like you!'

Ever imagined how wonderful our lives would be if we did not spend so much time thinking about how the person feels for me?

Girl Thinking
'Picture by Tanel Teemusk'

Ever since we were born, we have been directly or indirectly taught how important it is to impress others. Parents would do this most often to either show it as a respect or to flaunt how great their kids were. Parents, please do not judge me here. How many times have you found yourself in a situation where you wanted your kids to sing or dance for others? Or compared the score card of your kids with other kids? I have numerous examples of this, and the sad reality is this does not end until forever. Yes, even after they grow up. What we learn in those initial years, has an oversized effect on how our life turns out to be. We become highly sensitive to any bad opinion at all.

There is a classic headteacher's letter to year 6 students at Barrowford Primary School in Lancashire . It is the latest internet sensation. Let me show you a picture of this letter.

Girl Thinking

Each individual is different. Each has a different set of circumstances in their life which govern what they are and how they work out things. As an individual, we all want to look and be our best for people around us. But, sometimes we are not. The more we panic about it, less we concentrate on who we are as an individual. How the other person perceives you is totally his/her perspective. Accept it with respect. The reason being, we cannot judge the perspective of another person.These may be some lovely people in your life who just happen to have a very different thought process. The good news is there is no human or spiritual law that states you need to implement it all in your life. The only opinion that do matter are parents, spouse and immediate family, again considering their opinion is not motivated by the society.

I will give you another reason why we need to stop worrying about what other people think. When you tend to fret so much about the other's opinion, we build an image in our head which may not exist in first place at all. I read this while reading a book ' Look out for the best in others by not assuming they see your worst'. By assuming of what another individual might think of us, we tend to get distant and cold with the person unknowingly. There is a fair chance that person is not judging you at all.

Do things as you would do. Be your own judge. Raise your standards against your own. The best person to compete against is you, yourself. Because you are different. Get better of yourself each day. Be the Captain of your own soul!
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