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What's Your Chocolate Ice-Cream...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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chocolate ice cream desert yummy
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What if all you ever ate was chocolate ice-cream? Because you liked chocolate ice-cream. In your mind it is the best flavour. It's the only one you ever eat.

You never bother to ask for any other flavour, because you like chocolate ice-cream. If a new flavour comes onto the market, you don't try it, because you like chocolate ice-cream.

You are aware that there are other flavours.

You know about vanilla. You even know that there are quite a few people who like vanilla. You may even have had a tiny taste of it a long time ago. But you like chocolate ice-cream.

There are some people who eat strawberry… but no-one you know personally. You wouldn't really associate with strawberry ice-cream eaters.

And as for those wild, way out, freaky new age flavours… give me a break!! There just crazy. You could never do that.

No… you like chocolate ice-cream.

Your parents ate chocolate ice-cream.

Your grandparents ate chocolate ice-cream.

Everyone in your town, your city, your state… and most of your country… eat chocolate ice-cream.

And so do you.

You have never even tried any other flavour… and yet you know without a shadow of a doubt that chocolate ice-cream is the best.

So what is your chocolate ice-cream?

Geography? Religion? Politics? Sport?

Most of us have one.

An opinion we hold as absolute truth, without ever having explored the alternatives.

chocolate ice cream desert yummy

Maybe chocolate ice-cream is the best flavour. But we will only ever know that for sure after we have tasted them all (or at the very least… tasted some).

It's a great big, wide, diverse, world out there… full of flavour… full of possibility… of wonder. Don't limit yourself with narrow minded thinking. Believe me… the chocolate ice-cream won't be offended if you try a little butterscotch, or pecan, or heaven forbid… choc-chip!! And if you still prefer chocolate ice-cream… awesome! At least you now know that your decision is an informed one, and not one of breeding and cultural habit. You will have broadened your horizons just a little, and you will be SO much richer for the experience.

What's your chocolate ice-cream?

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My favourite are, triple chocolate & salted caramel, but as a child I loved neapolitan.
by Miro
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