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What you put your Attention on...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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There is so much in todays media and entertainment industry that I find truly disturbing. Like many others, I am a VERY sensitive soul and there is much that I can't even watch for fear of nightmares and just because it is way too upsetting.

I have long believed that we become that which we place our attention upon... So if you are one of those who think that it’s just mindless entertainment and pretty harmless… think again.

There have been studies conducted that prove the power of suggestion. In one that I just recently heard about, they took individuals and gave them a series of 5 words, and told them that they must use 4 of them in a sentence. If the person was given predominantly words such as "old, illness, infirm, disabled" etc, the person would walk about of the room noticeably slower, than they had walked in. Such is the power of suggestion.

This is something advertisers have known for decades. From subliminal messages embedded in store background music, to strategic product placement in movies and TV shows. All designed to affect and influence on a subconscious level. We may not have much choice what music we are forced to listen to in the local department store, but we most definitely have a choice as to what we turn our televisions stations to.

I will never believe that the plethora of overly disturbing and gory images, and ruthlessly graphic nature of the violence that is just inundating our regular programming these days, is harmless entertainment and has no lasting affect. Now you and I might be able to watch such things and still stay true to the principles of right and wrong, but that does not mean that it is not... on some level at least... lowering your vibration and ever so subtly taking away your innocence and having a lasting affect.

Tracie Louise Photography robin bird nature entertainment television attention LOA violence

Maybe just a part of the reason we are so overly stressed as a society is not only because of the fast pace that we live in and the expectations of perceived success that we are unduly burdened with... but maybe... just maybe... a part of the problem is how we are choosing to use our "down time". In numerous studies it is demonstrated the difference in plant growth when played classical music as opposed to heavy metal music. Perhaps one day they will conduct a study showing the long term affects of watching (and participating in) overly violent forms of entertainment on the human psyche. But I am pretty sure I don't need a double blind study, or possess a PhD to figure that one out. How about you?

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