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What You Do with What you Know!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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You know, within your life, there are things that you can do to help yourself be healthy and happy. In fact, you have armed yourself with knowledge, feeling quite confident that you should have it all together. Books, magazines, podcasts, YouTube videos, TED talks, and TV shows, all have helped inform you.

Knowledge is powerful - if you use it!

So why, then are you still, unhappy, unhealthy, stressed, angry, confused?

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Do you walk your walk?

You have all the apps, and you are connected. You get Paleo recipes, running weather reports, and you can talk up a storm when it comes to everything that is trending at the moment that concerns your wellbeing.

But do you, literally, walk your walk? Or are you all talk? Have you taken action to move forward? Have you made a concerted effort to find time, not only to read about these things, but actually physically, tangibly, do the things that are going to help you on your life's journey?

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Help yourself!

You have armed yourself with knowledge but you need to set the intention to look after your needs, physical and emotional, by taking action. Otherwise, one day you will wonder why you have failing health, why you can't walk anymore, how you got to be on tranquillizers and why your partner left you. And gee, was that really 3 years ago?

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It is up to you!

You need to be the one to allow time in your daily life, and everything else will fall into place.

Do you want to continue being so stressed out you can't see straight? Do you want another 5 years to go by only to find that you don't recognize yourself anymore?

I was too busy to meditate, too busy to exercise, too busy to cook proper meals for my family. I had migraines, stress, and I smoked like a fiend, chastising myself the whole time for doing nothing. Then I made a choice. It started out as baby steps, one thing for a few moments a day and then it grew.

koala in tree
Make time for you!

A little yoga goes a long way. Meditation can relieve enormous amounts of stress. Both of these can help you to gain a more balanced life. You may find it a wonderful place to be.

It doesn't have to be yoga either, but let it be - something. Walking, tennis, fishing, or just giving yourself some down time to connect to yourself so you can see your life and where it will benefit you to make changes.

You can be at peace with yourself!

Only you can be the one who decides. You can file this article away with all the other things you read or you can use it as a prod to do something for yourself.

So now that you know, you get to choose.

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Very well said, we just read some inspiring piece and ponder over it for some time then forget about it.I really want to change this habit. Thanks!
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