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What if.....

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Pale Headed Rosella

We all ask ourselves the "what if" question everyday... maybe several times a day.  And usually it is regarding something negative.  "What if this bad thing happens?"... or "What if that bad thing happens?"... "What if everything goes wrong?” “What will I do…. how will I cope”?

But how often do we ask ourselves the question, "What if everything goes RIGHT?"  I am willing to be it is almost never.

Have you ever played the positive what if game?  Have you ever decided to take all those worrying thoughts and just turn them on their heads? It's such a simple and yet such a powerfully positive thing to do.

Take something that is going on in your life and image all the incredibly positive outcomes that are possible.  Even image the ones that are highly unlikely.  Let your imagination run wild (after all that's what it's there for).
Instead of looking at all the possible worse-case scenarios, try looking for all the possible best-case ones.  After all, exactly how often does the worse-case scenario actually come to pass.  Seems like an awful waste of energy to be focussing on bad things that never actually happen anyway.

Little Green Tree Frog

What if things went right?

What if things went better than right?

What if every conceivable, blissfully, positive thing actually came to pass?

And what if the things that you had been dreaming of, actually happened... maybe you would then have the problem of having to come up with even bigger and better dreams.  Why wait....  Why not come up with those bigger and better dreams today… right now.

Kangaroo eating grass

So next time you ask yourself the "what if" question in a less than positive way... catch yourself... turn it around.  And for goodness sake... DREAM BIG!!!!!

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I tend to do that so often. I even picture myself happy and loving the life I have. What I am doing here, is attracting positive energy from the nature. Laws of nature are amazing ! We do attract all the good and bad energy in one way or other.
by BK
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