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Weather And Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Sometimes I wonder what we would talk about when there is the need for 'small talk' if there was no such thing as Ďthe weatherí. I appreciate the different types of weather but donít like intense heat and find heatwaves draining. Having said that, sometimes the early mornings and nights are cool and all the more enjoyable in contrast to the heat. A cool change is uplifting and a storm can be energising. I like winter and the colder weather doesnít bother me. The rain, at any time of the year, is great for the garden. People react differently to the weather and some are more sensitive to certain types of weather than others.

The weather can affect oneís mood. I donít think I would like to live where the sky is grey day after day and one needs to rug up to avoid hypothermia when venturing outside. Some people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder which makes them feel depressed, usually when there is prolonged dull weather. In contrast a blue sky is very uplifting.

I am quite happy with a cool day of grey skies now and then. Overcast days can be good for taking photos as there are no shadows spoiling the shot. The cool weather can be invigorating and nice for walking and exploring. A cool breeze at any time of the year is pleasant.

River Murray
River Murray on a grey day. Authorís own photo

A cold rainy day can be a good time to stay indoors with an interesting book. It can be an opportunity to devote time to a hobby. What better weather is there for cooking a tasty casserole or trying out a new cake recipe? Isnít it lovely to lie snuggled up in a warm bed listening to the rain outside? If the sun breaks through the clouds I might even see a rainbow. Rainbows inspire with their beauty and transience. William Wordsworth wrote,
íMy heart leaps up when I behold
A rainbow in the skyÖí

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After a day or two of rain around my place everything looks fresh and clean. Nature rejoices. The air is full of the scent of pine and eucalyptus. The kookaburras are laughing. I enjoy listening to the croaking frogs as I walk by the river when it is flowing.

River After Rain
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Days when it is warm and sunny but not hot are a delight. I love to look at the blue sky and fluffy clouds. It's great weather to go for a drive to somewhere different. This type of weather puts many people into a good mood, always a nice thing.

Goolwa Airport
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Personally, I am not keen on hot days when the temperature is in the high thirties, or worse still, into the forties. When the weather is like this I sometimes make the effort to rise early to get things done before the worst of the heat. For example, today we are expecting the temperature to reach around 40C so I went to the supermarket early and spent a bit of time in the garden. Now I am inside with the air conditioner and ceiling fan on. It will be a good day for writing and listening to music.

River After Rain
Hot dry scenery. Authorís own photo

The evenings are sometimes lovely on a hot night. Yesterday was a hot day but the evening was perfect for watching a movie on a large outdoor screen that was set up in a local park. It was a fun night and the movie was aired for free. Some people brought their own food and others purchased delicious cup cakes and hot food. Families sat on folding chairs and picnic rugs. When the children got tired they curled up with their pillows and went to sleep.

An evening at the beach after a hot day is relaxing. It is worth the effort to pack a picnic tea to enjoy after a swim. Sometimes there is an awesome sunset to admire.

All types of weather can provide inspiration but in different ways. John Ruskin, the nineteenth century English art critic said, ĎSunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.' Basically I agree with Ruskin but he was English and had probably never endured an Australian heatwave. He would also never have experienced a cyclone or tsunami and I am grateful to say, neither have I.

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