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We Need to Have Fun the Way our Kids Do

by GabbyDI (follow)
Gabriella Diesendorf is blogger from Australia. She loves badgering about beauty, green lifestyle choices and parenting techniques
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All the time growing up we were looking up to our parents and grownups, believing that they knew all the mysteries and wonders of the world and that they had an explanation for everything. Once weíre out of school we start looking for a job, and sometimes it takes some effort, but the next logical step is to get married. As things go along, we have a child of our own that is looking up to us one day, believing that we know all the mysteries and wonders of the world, and that we have an explanation for everything.

Thatís when this embarrassing enlightenment hits us, and we finally realize: We donít have a clue what is going on - we never had and we never will! And our parentís felt the same way, they just didnít want to admit it.

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But this is the point where we can break the cycle, and actually learn to love life and have fun the way our kids do. So gear up, take some time out, and letís enjoy this day like we are a bunch of 10 year olds.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Call your parents and tell them that you know that they tricked you. Tell them that you are going to have a wonderful day and lead a much happier life. After that, tell them that you love them, and just hang up. Dress up like you would in your high school days and leave the house.

Stream down the Street

Smile to every neighbor, wave and actually show interest in their lives. High-five them if you feel like they are not going to leave you hanging. Share some compassion and good wishes, people respond to positive influences, and they will respond to you as well. If they donít, and if they insist on staying grumpy, just keep walking.

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Climb a Tree

This is when your common sense will tell you that this could be dangerous, so oblige your adult self and do it safely. It only makes sense, and you have your child with you, so you wonít want to spend the rest of the day with a boo-boo on your knee. But do climb a tree, or a fence, it will change your perspective and your point of view.

Hit the Courts

When was the last time you played basketball? If the answer is never, because you donít know how, thatís all the more reason to start practicing with your kid. Ask your children what they want to play or what kind of sport they would enjoy. Follow their command, even if it is ballet.

Think Outside the Box

Donít pass on any fun activity. Find fun rides and games, or eat a big bowl of ice cream, try trampoline fitness, but do not do it in that order! Rides and trampolines first, ice cream after that. You can go to the movies and actually find some cartoons to watch, have pizza for dinner and just for once donít care about calories, just let your imagination run wild. Create something! Draw a picture together and hang it in your living room to remind you of this day.

Soon, we will all get out of shape and unfit for this type of fun, so you might keep that fitness thing going on for you, but the point is that the time is passing us by and we are certainly not getting any younger. Connect with your children, make beautiful memories together, and remember to smile with them as much as you can. Love life, and teach them to do the same.

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