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Top Two Movies that Inspire Me

by jussiecatwriter (follow)
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two people watching a movie
– An inspirational movie can be an effective way to inspire and motivate. Image courtesy of marcolm at freedigitalphotos.net

From time to time, each of us comes across a movie that moves us. I find these are the flicks I return to when I feel flat from the doldrums of life. Here are two of the most inspiring movies that have moved me.

The Never-ending Story narrates the tale of a little boy, Bastian. Bastian, who lacks self-confidence is the target for bullies. While trying to flee from them one day, the stumbles across a book shop where he steals the book, The Neverending Story.

two people watching a movie
– We are taken with Bastian along an inspirational journey we won’t forget. Image courtesy of hqdefault

The mysterious music and magical mood are immediately evident as it is becomes apparent that the Book Shop owner intended him to have it. This movie is full of inspirational magic: but I’ll mention two scenes I find impossible not to watch without goosebumps. One of the most inspirational parts of the movie is where Atreyu a warrior needs to continue to journey between two sphinxes – only those who are cognisant of their ‘true self worth’ make it.

two people watching a movie
-Only those who know their true self worth can pass

The second gate is where Areyu needs to be able to ‘face his true self’. It becomes evident that Bastian is not a passive traveller as he reads this book: it becomes apparent that whatever challenge Atreyu conquers, so does this little boy.

As we see how Bastian faces his own fears from a lack of self-confidence, we see by the end of the story just how brave he is. The story-line along with perfectly chosen soundtracks that capture the emotions perfectly always has the effect of uplifting me. It has the effect of inspiring me to maintain my own self-confidence and wanting to ‘be able to face myself’.

Even though the NeverEnding Story is one that I first saw during childhood, I have found it just as inspiring during my adult years and have watched it many times! After finishing watching it, I always feel uplifted.

Anne of Green Gables is a classic movie that I must have watched twenty times – no exaggerating! It is set in the picturesque Prince Edward Island: the beauty in this movie is inspirational by itself. However, the storyline, and again the choice of music always fills me with pure joy, and I can’t help but feel inspired.

A little orphan girl, Anne, seems to have a very unhappy future, until her dream of having a loving home is fulfilled by becoming adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert. As Anne moves from success to success, achieving brilliantly in school and eventually training to become a teacher, a formidable task during the era it is set, I find I vicariously am inspired.

two people watching a movie
– One of the most moving scenes in Anne of Green Gables is when Anne learns her dream of living in a loving home has been realised – despite her dying her hair green!

Anne seems to have a ‘penchant for trouble’ – some of which threaten her dream-like new life of having a loving family: but each time we see her overcome this, we find ourselves smiling, and championing this loveable heroine.

There are many other inspirational movies but these two would have to be my favourite. I would highly encourage readers who would love to a ‘feel-good’ movie whose positive effects linger way after watching to give these two flicks a go.

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