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To Love Yourself!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Do you love yourself? Do you think of yourself in a positive way? Can you look lovingly at yourself in the mirror or do you avoid looking into your own eyes?

Love yourself!

Do you find these questions hard to answer? What if I asked you to write down 10 things you love about yourself, could you do it?

For some people it is really hard to answer in a positive light, especially if you do not feel love and affection for yourself. I was that way.

I could never think of anything good to say about myself. I was my own worst enemy, cruel even.

Speak to yourself like a friend!

But I changed that and I want you today to change the story you are telling yourself. Right now!

You may not feel worthy, respectful of yourself, or loving, but why not turn that around? You are all worthy and capable of great love. We should all have great love for ourselves.

So, you say, you never heard any kind or loving words about yourself from anyone while you were growing up? Several of us had this happen but it does not serve us. Why not get rid of the old, out dated way of looking at yourself? Change up the story of you. Turn it around instead of telling yourself that you are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough.

Start with loving yourself a little and go from there. The things that you were told when you were a kid from someone in anger, or from someone who did not like you, are all their words, their thoughts, their reflections from themselves onto you.

You are you! Enjoy and love it!

You are not their story. You are your own story. So why not make it a good one? Believe you can!

Be aware of your story, not the one that someone told you long ago, because that one no longer matters. You are free now to create a new story for yourself that is kind, that is loving, that is forgiving. You get to be the person that you really are and be a friend to yourself.

Create the story that is true for you. Tell yourself, every day, that you are loved, you are worthy, that you respect yourself. It will eventually feel like the truth. This does not mean you don't recognise that you do get angry, frustrated, and resentful. You acknowledge that these things happen, forgive yourself and let it go. The rest can be tossed away.

Love yourself for all you are!

Now make that list of 10 things about you that you like. Start small and keep adding to it. Attach it to your bathroom mirror, a peg board in the kitchen, or make a list in your phone - and read it every day.

Learn the things that are there for you to love about yourself and change your story.

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Change the story of you!

#love #inspiration #learn something #happiness
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