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Tips to Inspire Yourself

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Do you ever feel like you are trapped in a rut, not sure what to do with your life or lack drive? This is a common dilemma which can be overcome with some simple tips.

Attribution: Pixabay - geralt

Try something new

The easiest thing on this list to do, but it seems that some people are afraid of new things. They have their routine and are reluctant to step out of it. They eat the same breakfast and lunch everyday and often do the same things for fun. It is not surprising then that they might become bored with their life.

For me this can be something as simple as trying a new type of cuisine, though it might mean a new job or travel to a country I haven't been before.

Remember the thing about trying new things is that there is no guarantee that you will like them. That doesn't matter, if you try enough new things you will find something that you do like.

Do something a little crazy

The test for this is whether other people will say "That sounds crazy". A common one for me is to get up early and go to the beach to watch the sunrise then cook breakfast on the beach. Another one is moonlight hiking. For others it is cosplay or standing somewhere with a free hugs sign.

Attribution: Pixabay = stux

It is these things that will inspire and motivate you emotionally and creatively. I recommend trying something new at least once a week.

Say "YES"

Saying "No" all the time gets you down. I always think of dying businesses where the boss is stuck in "No" mode killing any idea or change that could save the business.

Attribution: Pixabay

The same goes for life. The saddest and loneliest people that I know usually say "No" to everything. Say "Yes " to more things and you will enjoy more.

Of course you can't say "Yes" to everything but you learn different ways to say "Yes" to keep a positive outlook on life.

Give up things

I know that this sounds like the opposite of my previous advice, but it works. Spend a day out in the hot sun without drinking anything. Even tepid tap water will be the most delicious drink that you can have.

Try it with anything, reduce the amount of time you spend online, the TV that you watch or eat only simply food for 6 days a week. Often the result of this is that you either find that you don't miss what you gave up or you appreciate it more.

Change something

I put this at the end of my list because it is both the best and hardest to do. If you are unhappy or unmotivated, then change something in your life. Don't expect anything to get better by itself. It is usually through change that we experience something new. Sometimes change will make things worse, but enough of the time it will also make things better.

Attribution: "Diego Delso, Wikimedia Commons, License CC-BY-SA 3.0

It can be as simple ask rearranging your furniture to something big as moving to a new city. The more you change things in your life the more you see the value of change and be inspired by new things.

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A fine article, with great ideas on ways to become inspired!
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