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This is Why I Like Spiders

by carolyncordon (follow)
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Sometimes I think about spiders, and I feel happy. I know that is a slightly unusual emotion to feel, when thinking about spiders. Many people are more likely to feel fear, or at least unease when thinking about these eight legged creatures. But there it is, Iím different to the majority of people on this one.

along came a spider

The main reason I feel happy when I think about spiders, is because of their habit of making webs. They make their web, stretched out to make connections between solid objects, trees or outside furniture, for instance. And this web of connection catches the things a spider need in life. That may be flies, insects or even mammals (little ones), or even birds or tiny lizards for some of the larger spidersí webs.

Iím a little like a spider. I make connections online, or in real life Ė stretching my web from my various interests, and catching interesting new friends, useful bits of information and links to other people, who go on the take me to interesting places to broaden the depth of connections in my life. Itís all about connections, thatís what I think. I have links to the local Lawn Bowls club, and I am the editor of the local monthly newsletter, making connections throughout the district to gather news to disseminate around town.

my nearest town

Iím not talking necessarily about business connections, although there is certainly that aspect, too. The main connections that make me feel fulfilled, and increase my feelings of wellbeing are the connections I can make and spread a web of ĎFeeling Goodí. I visit my mother once a week, and she keeps my connection to family strong and loving by telling me how other family members in my state, in other states and overseas.

On my way to mum's place

I also have the Poetry community in South Australia and beyond that I am connected with, as I am an active participant in that community. I am involved in a monther poetry reading event, and also a weekly writing group.

Then there is the community of other people who have multiple sclerosis in their lives. This is my biggest challenge in my life, and in some ways has also been the most rewarding thing. I have written a book about my life with MS, and this memoir has certainly strengthened me in my heart and my mind, and financially too!

Of course there is also a really basic reason why I like spiders Ė they catch and eat flies! When you live in the country in South Australia, there are always flies, even in winter, there are still flies! Living in rural SA is great, but oh, those flies!

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