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The Tools in your Tool Box

by sharo (follow)
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Most of us come equipped with legs, arms, eyes, hair, lungs, spleen, stomach, kidneys, skin, cells, nerves, muscles, bones and a brain. These are tools our bodies use to keep us alive, and help us manoeuvre, change, grow and carry us through our entire lives.

little girl
With the right tools we can do anything!

We also have a tool box that we use for emotional wellbeing. If you don't have one, read on, because you may find the kind of items and things that you need to help you maintain your emotional wellbeing.

Close your eyes and picture the box.

little girl
The box can look anyway you want it to!

Is it large, easy to carry and fit everything you need? Is it full of compartments, each one holding something special? Or is it small, everything compact or condensed, that pops up to full size when you take it out of the box?

Does it look like the tool box your dad had when you were a kid, scarred, wooden with a large handle? Or is it painted in bright, shiny colors with your name written all over it? Is it black, deep and dark or clear so you can see everything in it without opening it?

nautical tools
What is inside your tool box?

It is yours and can look like anything you want it to. The point is to be able to draw on its contents when you need to.

Now what will you find inside?

Books are always a great item. Since I was a teenager I would read one after the other. They were called self-help books and were a comfort. There were all kinds of authors out there, each with a story that made sense, that helped in giving new perceptions.

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These books are still out there, and with authors like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Carol Tuttle, Louise Hay, and a thousand others we are able to relate, to keep going, to keep finding a way. "How to be Your Own Best Friend" by Mildred Newman and Bernard Berkowitz, is a brilliant, short, easy read that says volumes.

Then there is the list of people with whom you can call and chat. You know who they are. You also know that they would be there for you in an instant.

nautical tools
That friend you can call!

Short on these people? Then you can go out and get some help or advice from any number of people. Start with someone you are comfortable with. How about your naturopath, yoga instructor, doctor? Maybe these people can point you to someone else. It can be anyone. How about a spiritual healer, Reiki Master, psychic even? There is always someone who will listen.

Meditation, yoga, mindfulness, and exercise are all good tools to have. They help you focus, clear your mind, burn off steam, and release things that you did not know you were hanging on to.

little girl
With the tools in your box you can live a happy, healthy, life!

Even the food you consume can be helpful. Feeding your body healthy, fresh food gives you strength and vitality. Throw in water and rest and you have a good lifestyle and beneficial tools to add to your box.

What else can you think of that you can pull out of the box when you need..... something?

nautical tools
Painting, writing, creating??

You can also come back here anytime and read all of our articles on My Inspired Life. One or all of the writers may spark something for you, helping you put a finger on what is going on.

Just know that you have a wealth of help and support for whatever it is. You just need to know it is there, in your own resourceful tool box.

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