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The Thing About Humanity

by xTinx (follow)
Humans are the most mysterious creatures to have graced this earth. If I were to describe this human race in a nutshell, I'd say it's a paradox. A walking contradiction. An oxymoron.

I always find myself thinking: why do we continue to eke out an existence if we know full well there's only one end for us all? Ironically, I entertain these thoughts while I try to complete a project at work.

Isn't it weird how we submit ourselves to laws, regulations, policies, ideologies, principles, philosophies or what have you? If you try to trace history, we're the ones who created these laws and bound ourselves to it. A social contract, as Jean Jacques-Rousseau would have termed it. In other words, humanity started out without laws. Now, we can't live in harmony and order without them.

Still, despite these laws, you see people who are keen to break away from the norm. And we, at times, try to circumvent the law in our own little ways. Has anyone ever been caught jaywalking? Has anyone tried to cheat during exams? Do you lean on the glass even when there's a big sign telling you not to? Ironic, indeed.

But the fact is, sad creatures though we're meant to be, we humans always try to make the best out of our fleeting existence. Even when the world tries to tell us we cannot go beyond this, we persist and try to be more than what nature wanted us to be.

Our brains are so mysterious. We can go from depression to extreme happiness to nonchalance to passionate cries. If Lucy is the reality we fail to accept, then perhaps one day we can finally live longer than necessary and explore the exosphere and beyond with our homemade technologies.

In the end, what I really want to say is that, I'm fairly enjoying this paradoxical situation we're seemed to be stuck in. We are Sisyphus incarnate. We continue to roll the boulder up hill though we know it will always roll back down. In our struggles, we grow, become more empowered and go beyond our limits.

Long live, the human race! Let's hope to make this world a better place, now and until God knows when.
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