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The sunrise effect

by Trace (follow)
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Once a week I set my alarm for 5.45am, with visions of rising to take in the next morningís sunrise. I drift off to sleep knowing that there will only be a 50% chance that I will see the sunrise, as I will be just as likely to switch the alarm off and go back to sleep.

On those mornings when I do manage to wrench myself out of my cosy covers and make it out of the house in time, I never regret having taken that choice. I live near the beach and the sunrise over the water never fails to deliver a breath-taking scene. Every sunrise seems to bring a different vignette of colours blending from one to the other, making each viewing unique.

Sunrise over Bondi Beach by Tracey Long
Sunsrise over Bondi by Tracey Long

I do enjoy watching clouds moving across the sky during the day, and marvel at any day that has clear, blue skies (after living in London for 6 years, a blue sky is always appreciated).

However, sunrise holds a special charm. It could be because only a small number of people will also be sharing that view, that Iíve physically marked the beginning of what could be a special day ahead (who knows what it will hold?), or that Iíve had extra time to myself before the demands of my gorgeous but very energetic toddler take over.

Over the past few months Iíve added some new activities to my sunrise mornings, which have made them even more worthwhile. I took up photography as a hobby, and have started capturing the sunrises so that Iíll never have to forget them. I also tried soft sand running. Iíve only done it once and it may be a while before I try it again, but the feeling of achievement from adding exercise to my early morning was fantastic.

Sunrise over Bondi Beach by Tracey Long
Sand running by Tracey Long

While Benjamin Franklin famously said ĎEarly to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wiseí, thereís no scientific proof that getting up before the crack of dawn has any health benefits. However, if extra time in your day is what you crave, I canít recommend it highly enough.

If you would love to do it but need a bit of help, here are some tips that might make it a bit easier:

1. Put the alarm clock away from your bed, possibly near the door so that youíll have to get out of bed to turn it off.
2. Put your clothes out the night before and have them ready somewhere other than your bedroom so that youíre forced to leave the room to get dressed.
3. Give yourself a good reason for getting up that early, or a treat to look forward to (the sunrise may be reason enough, or perhaps your treat will be to enjoy a quiet coffee in peace before the family gets up.)
4. Do something that you donít have time for during the rest of the day (such as exercise, reading a paper or writing.)
5. Do it on a regular basis so that you make it part of a routine and something to look forward to (once a week is enough for me.)

Sunrise over Bondi Beach by Tracey Long
Coffee and a girl's best friend at sunrise by Tracey Long

Enjoy your next sunrise! Let me know what you would do with that extra hour or two if you got up early ☺

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My favourite time of the day! If the weather's good, I'll take a coffee outside and sit on my back deck overlooking hills and vineyards. On a wintery day I open the curtains in my room and sit snuggled in bed watching the sun come up. Spectacular!
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