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The Secrets to Happiness

by Jo Ferguson (follow)
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Happy Times with Friends
Happy Times with Friends

What are the secrets to happiness?

Happiness is a complicated idea that is hard to define. A sense of joy is achieved in very different ways for different people. An activity that provides fulfilment to one person may be someone elseís worst nightmare.

Iíve always had a true passion for learning, and gained real pleasure from studying. Yet many people, my own mother included, say they couldnít imagine anything worse than being forced to return to formal education. So how do we define happiness?

Psychologists have tried to pin down a definition by stating that happiness is a personís subjective sense of how satisfied they are with life. So how do we achieve this sense of satisfaction? What makes us happy and why do some people seem more content than others? Is there a secret formula? Is it personality? What do we need to make us happy? Does it take money? Love? Travel? Brains? Beauty?

Serenity of a Tidal Pool at Dusk
Does Money Bring Happiness?

With all the advancements in technology and knowledge, time saving devices and medical breakthroughs, are we any happier than people were a hundred years ago, and if not, why not?

These questions have been examined at great length in recent times. Positive psychology is a whole field that is dedicated to figuring out what makes people happy and how to help them achieve a more contented and fulfilled life.

There is a whole industry based on such activities as life coaching, meditation, spiritual guidance and positive thinking. How useful are these practices for promoting a sense of well being?

When itís all said and done, do we really need true happiness? Will it make us stronger, healthier, help us live longer?

Well for starters some positive psychologists believe that happiness often helps us to see the bigger picture because we see things more openly when we are happy. Studies have found that doctors were more likely to correctly diagnose a medical condition when they were in a happy mood because it allowed them to consider more alternative possibilities.

Other research has shown that when we are happy we explore more of the world and we are more open to romantic relationships with partners we may not have otherwise considered. Who knows what great opportunities or wonderful love interests we may be passing up if we are not content within ourselves?

The topic of happiness is far too broad to be covered even remotely adequately in one article. I will endeavour to uncover many of the ideas and mysteries surrounding happiness and fulfilment as part of our great new blog, My Inspired Life.

Serenity of a Tidal Pool at Dusk
Inspired by Nature

My name is Jo Ferguson and I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and what makes us tick. Iíve also found great satisfaction in helping others find ways to improve their sense of well being.

Tracie Louise, my partner in the creation of My Inspired Life, has devoted her own life to inspiring others and helping them to search within and be true to themselves.

Together, along with the help from some great writers, we will be looking at all manner of ideas, advice and tips to motivate you and guide you to finding the secrets to your own inspired lives.

Please come and visit us often to see what new insights we have for you, or better yet subscribe to our hub so that you never miss out on some great pearls of wisdom.

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Recently discovered this website, and I am obsessed.
Have read about 20 articles and sent them on to my friends also. I love reading about this and learning new things.
Next week I am even starting a mediation course!

Thanks victo! If you would like to join us (perhaps you could write about your meditation course?) you are welcome to follow the 'write for us' link a the top of the page.
Best wishes,
by Emily
Thanks and I like the idea of what you are doing. I am waiting for the next instalment and keep up the good work.

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