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The little carrot that helped me lose a lot of weight

by Trace (follow)
The best definition of success is personal happiness.
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According to a Babycentre.com survey, 43% of mums gained more than the recommended weight limit during pregnancy. Thanks to a combination of genetics (possibly) and double-coat Tim Tams (definitely), I was one of those mums.

Tim Tams
Source: Joyosity - Flickr

Prior to falling pregnant, my weight was within ‘normal’ range for my height. Regular exercise and a healthy diet have always been part of my life. However, by the time I gave birth in October 2013, I had gained 27kg (12kg over my recommended gain)!

After doing some research I found out that I could put some of it down to the baby and pregnancy related body changes:
• Baby: 3.0 to 3.6kg
• Placenta: 0.7kg
• Amniotic fluid: 1kg
• Larger uterus: 1kg
• Increased blood volume: 1.4 to 1.8kg
• Extra fluid: 1.4 to 1.8kg
• Bigger breasts: 1kg
• Fat stores: 2.7 to 3.6kg
(Figures taken from the Michelle Bridges 12WBT programme).

With a baby that weighed 3.45 kg at birth and adding the higher end of those other amounts together, I calculated that I could account for 14.35 kg. That left 12 kg unaccounted for!

Three months on from giving birth, I'd lost 15kg - hooray! However, I was stuck with an extra 12kg that was wrapped around my body like an elephant seal clinging to a rock in a wild storm. I had to set that seal free, and I knew that it was going to take time and dedication.

These were my 5 steps to success:
1. I set myself a realistic goal of losing 0.5kg-1kg per week.
2. I did a weekly ‘weigh-in’, which was overseen by my hubby (my choice.)
3. I cut out all chocolates and sweets, and kept to 3 simple meals a day.
4. I set out for my closest shopping centre every day, which was a 40-minute walk up a very steep hill.
5. Upon reaching the shops, I’d treat myself to a fruit frappe, feed bub, and then walk back down again.

It took me just under four months to lose the extra weight, and thankfully a year later, I've managed to keep it off. I have a new appreciation of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe as I'm just thankful to be able to fit into those old clothes that I'd once become bored with.

Tim Tams
Photo source: Jaymis Loveday Flickr

I believe that the secret to my success was the fruit frappe. Low in fat and calories but still sweet enough to give me a sugar hit, it was my 'carrot' to lure me up the steep hill - I probably wouldn't have had the motivation to keep at it without that little treat.

Perhaps that little carrot is just what you've been looking for on your own journey to weight loss or undertaking an unpleasant task?

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A lovely little story about your great weight loss. Well done - slow and steady really is the way to win the weight loss race!
Thanks Carolyn - it was a tough time looking back, but so rewarding when I got back into those pre-pregnancy jeans!
by Trace
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