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The Light & The Dark...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Sometimes itís hard being a Pisces.† Two little fishes swimming in opposite directions.† There is the peace-loving, tree-hugging, positive, upbeat, contemporary hippie me, looking for a world of beauty and meaning.† And then thereís the in-your-face, punk rocking, rebellious, anarchist, who just wants to rage against the establishment all day long.

At first glance it might seem like these two people are polar opposites, and in a way they are.† But just as every coin has two sides, every person has different and sometimes polar opposite sides to themselves. And thatís not a bad thing.

I think that the danger can be to believe that we must always be positive, and happy and upbeat, and deny or suppress feelings of anger if and when they arise.† I do agree that there is no point wallowing in anger or depression.† Itís an OK place to visit as long as you donít take up residence. And certainly there are times when an angry reaction is to be expected, even warranted. † The important thing is how we choose to deal with those feelings and where we then channel that energy.

Directing it at another person is rarely ever helpful, and can do far more damage. Some people prefer the physical exercise (or even punching a pillow) approach.† Itís a good way to expel the negative energy without doing any further harm. Me, I love punk music.† Angry, rebellious, anti-establishment, political pop punk music.† Not everyoneís cup of tea I know, but in my life there is definitely a place for it.

Once upon awhile ago, it was all I listened to.† I wore a lot of black clothingÖ leather and rubber jewellery, lots of eyeliner, and walked around pretty damn angry at the world and all who were in it.† I wasnít exactly Gothic, but I did have a pretty dark attitude back then. I rarely do that anymore.† But life isnít all sunshine and roses, even if we want it to be.† Negative things happen.† I seriously believe they happen for a whole host of reasons, and some truly positive things can come out of very bad situations.

But life on this planet is a duality.† We have light and darkÖ good and bad.† And sometimes the difference is merely a matter of perspective.† Changing the outcome can be as simple as changing your point of view. I have experienced first hand many occasions when the seemingly worst thing happened, only to have it be for my greatest good in the light of another day. I am currently experiencing a dark night of the soul with regard to my living situation, but rather than choose to see it as the horrible step backwards that outward appearances would have you believeÖ I am making the choice to see this as my chrysalis periodÖ my day in the cocoon. For some as yet unrevealed reason, I need this time to grow and develop until one day I can emerge into the light of my new purpose. Itís hard not to get impatience. Itís difficult sometimes not to feel down. But just as every day must have itís night, each of us experiences both the good and the apparently not so good. How we face those challenges is what will define us.

And as for this little peace loving hippie chickÖ I think a little pop-punk Greenday blaring from the stereo now and then isnít such a bad thing.† After all, if it wasnít for the darkness, we wouldnít have sunrises.

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Thanks for your inspiring article. I am currently having some issues within my own soul and reading the above gave me something to think about so again thank you.
I am so pleased it helped.
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