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The Key to Happiness. Itís Simpler Than You Thought.

by Elise (follow)
Elise Perez YourPotentialRevealed.com
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The results of following your joy ripple out farther than you know.

Following your joy may sound a bit clichť, perhaps even corny, but if you understand the results of applying this phrase your life would change dramatically, for the better. Think about it. The reason that you are so familiar with the phrase "Follow Your Joy" is because of how important it is. And yet, ironically, hearing this phrase repeatedly is what makes us forget the meaning. Here I will explain the meaning and what it means for you.

Joy is an emotion, it is something you feel. Emotions are a signal from your inner being. They are the way by which you receive guidance. The universe has made this very simple. You should always go in the direction of what feels good to you.

Following your joy only opens doors for you to experience the things that you intended to experience before you incarnated here in the physical. Following your joy will take you in the direction of your purpose. You know your purpose because it is your greatest joy. Since you manifest according to what you feel, following your joy is a fullproof formula for happiness and success in lifeís journey.


So here is the sequence. In your purpose lies your ultimate joy and you have to follow your joy to find it. Just don't forget that following your joy will always lead you to a better place. This happens in ways that you cannot possibly comprehend until you try it for yourself.

In order to follow your joy, you must be in tune with what you are feeling. Pay attention to those activities that make you feel happy, and allow yourself to do them more often. When you are aware of how your thoughts and actions make you feel, then you can choose to participate in the activities that bring you joy, more often.

You can also choose to avoid those things that do not bring you joy. At any point in time, ask yourself, "What would make me feel happy right now?" Then, follow your joy. In the moment, that could be as simple as listening to a song you like, enjoying a cup of tea, soaking in a warm bath or just taking a break. Whatever it is, do it, and do it guilt free. There is truly nothing as important as your happiness. If you are happy, everyone around you and all of your endeavors will benefit. The opposite is also true.

One thing to remember is that momentum builds on itself. This means that the more you practice following your joy, the easier it will be to do so. Also, the universe will not give you things that you simply are not using. So, once you show the universe that you are acting on opportunities to follow your joy, the universe will then present you with more opportunities to do so.

Just to be clear, actions taken out of a feeling of impulsivity or desperation are not joyful actions. Some people will turn to unhealthy or self-loathing actions when they are upset, in an attempt to gain relief. The difference is that those actions do not actually lead to relief in the end. They are part of a vicious cycle.

Joy is compatible with self love, not self destruction. So that is how your joyful actions will look. They will be inspired and self loving actions. Not impulsive or harmful. For me, sometimes following my joy would involve two chocolate chip cookies and a Chai tea from Starbucks. Not a whole box of cookies and four shots of expresso. The way that I know that, that trip to Starbucks was actually a joyful action, is because that little trip can set off a whole day of happy.

Joyful actions cannot be falsified, because joyful actions will always lead to more abundant feelings of joy. If you know that an action will not lead you to feeling more joy, then you are not genuinely following your joy. Following your joy is key to manifesting what you want.

Follow your joy and feel good, whatever that means. What makes you feel good may change from day to day and moment to moment. Just take notice and go with it. Follow the feeling and stay in that good feeling state. This is the key to achieving what you want and being happy.

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Fantastic article Elise.. thank you :)
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