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The Home of Your Soul

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Recently I became aware of my body's purpose, not as a structure with arms and legs, head and torso, or one that houses my brain but as the home of my soul.

a dahlia
Awaken to your own beauty!

What an awakening that this has brought.

a dahlia
Change your perspective!

I have forever cursed my hair because it doesn't do the big poufy dos, it lacks curls and is so baby fine that it just likes to fall unless tons of hairspray is used.

I was not blessed with big boobs, and was teased by the teenage boys of my youth. During my menopausal years I put on over 30 pounds or 14 kilos if you prefer.

There are a lot of things my body is not. But to look at it with different eyes it is not wrong, it is me.

When I look at it as the home of my soul, I gain a whole new perspective that I would like to share with you.

frost patterns
Beauty is in everything - once you see it!

This body was given to me on the day I was conceived. It has grown and nurtured me over all my 57 years.

It has taken hurts, sprains, stitches, headaches, torn cartilage, bruises, aching muscles, over indulgences from chocolate to wine, to smoking for 33 years. It has carried migraines, dislodged disks, scar tissue and a host of other things that it has dealt with for me. It has taken everything, emotionally, that I could not deal with, and buried it away, storing it in the very cells that I am made of.

dead leaves
We are layers of pain and hurt that can be removed and made whole again!

And it has remained with me the whole time.

I would like to take this time to thank my body for everything it has given me.

I have been able to grow, not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. I have been able to watch my soul come alive within its house, and to become aware of what the world needs from me and what I can do to make the world a more loving place, starting with myself.

I have 2 amazing kids that I have been able to raise not just as a parent, but as an observer, allowing them to grow their own lives.

I have become aware that all my negative and buried emotions over time, have settled into my body. I am paying attention, these pains are acknowledged. I am purging the negative emotions and hurts, releasing what I have been holding onto so my body and soul can heal.

dead leaves
Let the old fall away to see your true you!

So one by one, they are being dealt with and let go of, to be replaced with love and kindness for the home of my soul.

dead leaves
It is divine to be kind to your souls home!

To look at our bodies in this light makes it something that we can accept and love for what it is, forgetting about what it is not. We are each unique, inside and out, and we are not wrong.

dead leaves
Let new perspectives dawn on you!

Our bodies are a sanctuary, a place where our soul can flourish. In this perspective we are perfectly right. We are each born into this world to be our unique selves, to be a home for our soul.

a dahlia
Love yourself, body and soul!

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