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Thank You and Other Kindnesses

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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1 - When you go into a shop do you talk to the person behind the cash register?

Do you acknowledge them and the job they are doing? Are you kind and say thank you to them?

painted set of stairs
Small steps, big rewards!

Can you imagine - just for one minute- if all the people out there providing you a service (and there are thousands of them) were not there? You would have to be doing all of these things on your own, in some way, shape or fashion?

There are so many things we take for granted. We go to the petrol station, pump the petrol and away we go. We get our groceries from the shop and the markets. We drive on paved roads, we wander through beautiful gardens. We sit by the river and drink lovely, cool drinks while music plays out in the common area, on a lawn that someone had to cut.

painted set of stairs
Be thankful for services provided!

Let's be thankful for all the wonderful things that we have. To be grateful for all these services makes you appreciate just what you have. Life is good, people are out there providing a service, thank them, it will make their day.

2 - Do you reply when someone invites you somewhere?

Many people don't. Do you realize that when you don't respond that you leave a hole? Do you realize the person who has invited you may need to know numbers in order to buy the right amount of food for dinner, or have the right amount of supplies on hand?

painted set of stairs
Responding to an invitation is a kindness!

There are always circumstances woven around everyone. It is a kindness, even if you are not sure you can attend, to at least let the person know you are considering it and you will get back to them. They are not going to be angry if you say no so don't be afraid to answer in that way. Many people feel they will let someone down if they tell them they aren't coming. It is much kinder to admit you can't come. RSVP means please respond. Thank you for responding the next time you get an invitation, whether you can go or not.

flower arrangement
You can create joy for people!

3 - Letting people into traffic lets everything flow.

It is not a weakness and it is not a competition to see who can get to the light first. Why not make it a more pleasant drive home for yourself by being kind? It allows you to feel good, and maybe that will be paid forward for everyone concerned. We all are trying to get somewhere but keeping our eyes open and being alert can provide a small act of kindness and one that may just make someone's day.

4 - How about complimenting someone?

Compliment the lady dressed up so nice at the bus stop, on her way to work. You would surely put a smile on her face. Again, this is a small act of kindness, it acknowledges people's efforts. "I love your shirt", "That is a great hair color on you!", "What a wonderful job you are doing!", "Your garden looks spectacular".

painted set of stairs
Kindness can be a loving act!

All of these things are so easy to do yet sometimes in our busy lives we forget there are others out there who are also busy, living busy lives. If we can help each other out, in small ways, with small kindnesses why not do it?

Life can and does get better with each kind gesture, appreciation and being grateful. According to Aesop, 'No kindness is too small.'

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I agree with all the points you have made. I think it is nice the way many people in Adelaide thank the bus driver as they alight. Is this commonly done in other capital cities? It wasn't done here 20 or 30 years ago so I noticed the change when I returned after years away.

It really makes my day if someone makes a nice comment on something I am wearing so I let strangers know if I like something they are wearing. And I like the way people say, 'Have a nice day', even though some feel it is an empty comment which is said out of habit.
Thank you for your comment Marie - I am glad you notice and give back. That is what it is all about. And yes they do that here in Brisbane on the buses. I really like the acknowledgement to the drivers. Keep doing what you are doing and have a great day! Cheers Sharon
by sharo
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