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Taking control of your emotions

by tomci (follow)
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It happens to all of us.

Your mind is racing. Thoughts keep popping into your head. The things I should have said to that person that ruined my day. You're distraught with ill feelings. You feel unresolved. You're not alone.

Anger burns us from the inside like an incessant flame, sadness drowns our minds into a puddle of melancholy, doubt and insecurity - even fear can gnaw at our thoughts, making every moment intolerable and filled with anxiety.

There's no way we can avoid negative emotions. They surround us, and like the common cold, eventually we get sick with them.

This doesn't mean that negative emotions must control your life, however. Some people deal with these emotions better than others.

When you ask them how they do it, a common reply they might tell you is, "Well, I just forget about it and move on."

This sounds simple and reliable, but what if you can't move on? What if, no matter how hard you try, these emotions keep tearing you down, distracting you from moving forward in life and getting you into trouble with the other areas and relationships in your life?

You control your emotions, they don't control you.

The key is acceptance.

You must accept your emotions. Don't try to battle them. You'd only be battling yourself. Just as you must accept yourself to find peace, you must accept your emotions to find resolution.

This doesn't mean your anger will simmer or your sadness will dry away, but you will find freedom from your emotions.

Try this: the next time you're feeling angry try closing your eyes and think about your anger. Think of your anger as something that is not in you but an entity wholly separate from you. Imagine your anger as something that is merely attached to you. Your anger doesn't define you, rather, you define your anger. So define it. Find your anger and accept that it exists. Never try to use your anger. Anger is always a problem and never a solution.

Don't feel ashamed or frustrated by your emotions. Take ownership of them and accept what you feel. This technique will allow you to think more freely, even when under the influence of painful feelings.

We all have bad days. Just remember that those are the times when we can show ourselves how to keep living and making the right decisions.

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