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Take a Road Trip!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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Life can bog us down, even if we don't mean it to!

We have these good intentions that we are going to exercise every day, we are going to eat fresh food, meditate, go to the gym, be a better person.

rusty lock
We try really hard! - Images courtesy of morguefile.com

Then life throws us a curve ball, we get stressed, beat ourselves up and it all unravels. We then get upset, cry, yell, scream, and try to pick ourselves up. We start again, without really having dealt with anything.

This is the nature of who we are as human beings. As long as we learn from what we do.

Have you ever thought of walking away from your daily life for a short time and trying to gain some perspective?

Could you get in your car and drive? Seriously, why not take a solo road trip? Solo being the key word here.

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Take a road trip!

Recently I had the great fortune to be able to do exactly this.

I had to bring our car back to Brisbane from Tasmania. It is a long way and tiring too, but 5 days sure gives you a lot of personal time.

steering wheel
Get into your driver's seat and take charge of your life!

Now I am not saying that you have to drive this far, in fact, if you have only one day then that day will be what you need it to be.

Set yourself up, pick a destination, make sure you have water, snacks, a place to stay at the end of each day, or at least an idea of where you would like to stay. And then do it!

steering wheel
Surrender to yourself!

Make sure you have your favorite music with you so you can sing, laugh, cry, think, be calm, and revel in the beauty of the countryside going by you.

Take a map. Sometimes you will be places where your phone has no service and it is good to have a visual aide.

When you get out of the car at the end of the day, make sure there is something for you. Go for a walk, do some yoga, sit in a chair and watch the sunset or stretch out on a bed and watch mindless, fun things on the TV in your room.

The whole purpose is to get you out of your everyday life. This allows you to distance yourself for a short but valuable time. You are away from work, household duties, family and friends and are just spending time with yourself.

rusty lock
Unlock the chains and the thoughts that bind you!

You will be amazed at what comes up for you. Songs will hit a chord within you and make you aware just what your state of mind really is, what is bothering you, what you need to see or deal with, or just let go of.

The beauty of nature can make you a tranquil, serene person, as you sit and watch a sunset, with nothing else to do but watch. It is humbling, cathartic, and clears your spirit of all the chatter that makes it hard to hear your heart.

man in pose
Serenity can be yours!

Do it! Surrender to yourself and go take a road trip.

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I completely agree with you Sharo. It is very necessary to spend some quality time with yourself.
It sure is a good practise - have a great day!
by sharo
I'm so with you on this one sharo. I love getting in the car and just driving by myself. It's a great way to 'escape' and put things into perspective. Good article.
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