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Stress can be positive!

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Stress; we are supposed to avoid it, yet we often seek out stressful situations such as action movies, carnival rides or challenging work. Can stress actually be a positive to be embraced rather than something negative to be avoided?

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The answer is fairly simple. Most of the negative impacts of stress come from negative stress. That is something where we have no control or produces feelings of fear. The result is depression, poor health and decreasing performance.

However if we are able to view that situation as a positive we not only avoid all the negative emotions and health impacts we generally perform better.

Rewards not punishment

When dealing with stressful situations it is useful to focus on the rewards instead of the punishments. In other words, think positively.

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For example, if you are given extra work in your job, don't worry about being fired, focus instead on the chance to be promoted or advanced in your career.

I still haven't figured out why some managers focus on punishment instead of reward. The negative stress from facing punishment will have a negative impact on performance.

Look forward to things (get excited)

Even if you do something as simple as saying "I am excited" the impact of stress will be reduced. Better if you can become excited by everything. Exams this week - fantastic, I can prove my ability and finish this course; have to present something to the boss - great they can see how good I am at my job.

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At every opportunity become excited by the prospect of what is going on and your will perform better and your health won't suffer.


The best way to really stress someone out is to take away their sense of control. Managers, teachers or parents who discuss and ask instead of order will always have better results.

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In your life, if you can take control of everything, you will avoid a lot of stress. When everyone at work has their head down avoiding anyone assigning them work, you can instead be the one who is actively taking on new tasks.

Here is a little trick. Whenever there is some extra work the boss wants to hand out, say "Hey I would love to be doing that job, I wish I had time to take it on." Next thing you know your boss will be both giving you new work and assigning the tasks you hate to other people.

Let's all get excited

No matter how much people complain about it, if you are always positive, it is infectious. When others feel good about things it will help you also feel even better about them.

Great leaders don't just discuss and share a vision, they help others to be as excited as they are. So please, share the excitement.

Live an exciting life

Life is full of problems and hassles. There are challenges and difficulties. I don't see why anyone will let life bring them down when it is better to embrace life and be excited about those problems, hassles, challenges and difficulties. Your mental state and physical health will be better for it.

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