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Start the day with Gratitude

by RubysNotebook (follow)
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They say you should start as you mean to go on. For that reason, I am hooked on the idea of starting the day with gratitude. Finding the best in every situation, finding peace and happiness all begin with gratitude.

I used to complain about my commute to work on the tube. But now, I am grateful for it! I am grateful for the tube driver ensuring our safety. Grateful for the time I save by taking the tube (without it I probably could not reach work). I am grateful for the time I have to read. And when I don't get a seat? I am grateful for my health and ability to stand.

Viewing the world with gratitude is a gift. It is a gift which can be learnt and a gift which can be taught. So here goes!

How to practice gratitude in the morning

To begin finding gratitude, during your morning routine, try and focus on finding 5 new things per day to be grateful for. It could be your family, your pet, the hot water in your shower, your slippers, your home, the carpet, your electricity supply! You must focus on finding new things every day. Right them down if possible or take pictures on your phone and review them throughout the day, remind your self of how grateful you are.

You can be grateful for your morning coffee and indeed the cup which allows you to carry it!

To really feel gratitude, image living without the thing you are being grateful for. For example, imagine having to live without electricity. You would have no light, no way of using your kettle or toaster, no TV. Think about all the work and effort that went into the manufacture and supply of the item you are grateful for. For example consider the hard work of each person that helped to supply your home with electricity. Imagine what you would do without them! Spend some time thinking deeply about each thing you are grateful with in this way.

The best times to use gratitude are when you feel negative feelings towards anyone or anything. If you feel stressed at having to walk your dog when you're getting late for the school run or work, instead replace those thoughts with gratitude for all the joy your dog brings you. Gratitude for the fresh air. Gratitude for your jacket thats keeping you warm on your morning walk. There is never too much gratitude!

Mornings are often busy so perhaps take your morning shower time or the time you spend brushing your teeth to reflect on your gratitude.

Starting the day with gratitude will help you to appreciate all the small things that occur throughout your day. It will help you to start thinking positively and gratefully. I truly believe that is the key to happiness and success.

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LOVE this article. Practising gratitude is such an important part of my own day. I actually have a phone app Gratitude Journal, which works really well for this. Oh, and BTW, my husband is a mining engineer and is one of those incredibly hard working people who ensures that ¾'s of our state enjoys electricity :D
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