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Start every day the right way

by tomci (follow)


Not everyone is a morning person, especially when the alarm clock makes you get up before the sun has to.

Our lives can move fast and so our thoughts tend to move even faster. In all of the rush, we can lose ourselves. We can find the little things sending us into fits of negative thinking. The small problems that we meet in our daily lives can take control of who we are.

Fortunately, this can be counteracted in a very simple way and it involves how you start your day. I'm not referring to when you're eating breakfast, brushing your teeth or doing a commute in the morning.

I'm referring to the moment you open your eyes and rejoin the waking life. As soon as you wake up to a new day, say these words in your head: I will be fine.

This is a simple statement, and yes, its connotations may vary in context, but those four words do carry a philosophy that's important to anyone feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by their daily existence.

I will be fine is a reminder. It's a talisman you charge the moment you say it in your head. It helps protect you from letting anxiety and worry dominate your mental peace. It's assurance. It gives you the strength that you already have, so the more often you do this, the more manageable your life becomes, the more accessible that inner strength is.

It's Your Life. Take Flight.

This doesn't mean the conflicts and adversity you'll face in your life will just disappear, but you will be in a more stable mental state to deal with those things. Think of it like this: if someone gets out of bed in the beginning of their day and thinks this day is going to be horrible, they probably will have a horrible day. Every red light they reach, every blank stare a stranger gives them, a paper jam, undercooked burger, or broken nail will confirm their desire to have a bad day.

Why would someone have the desire for a bad day? Affirmation. We all want the confirmation that how we see the world, through our own mind, is how the world is. So the minute we find something wrong with our day, we confirm to ourselves that, yes, our life is horrible.

It's a bad consolation prize. Your mind can win a much better one. Do the opposite. Say to yourself I will be fine. Do it every morning. Do it all the time if you feel like it will help you.

At the end of the day, most people share the same struggles in different shades. We worry about the same things, talk with the same words and we all have to go to the bathroom. (Sorry for the potty humor)

Don't cut yourself off from the world. The world isn't very different from you. After all, you're a part of the world. Enjoy where you belong, and always give yourself the right affirmations.

Yes, this traffic is horrible, your job sucks or you have to get your sink fixed, but you will be fine. Remember this, and the world feels more in your corner.
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