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Spread the secret!

by Jellyfish (follow)
The secret to a good day is not really a secret, however not many can achieve this.

So now by reading this, I shall once again remind you what you have already known in one sentence - It starts with a healthy thought.

Yes, the secret is really that simple! It is the healthy thing you do to yourself that makes a difference to the rest of your day.

Did you know there is actually no bad day in this world?

You may be thinking "You are kidding right? I was late to work because I missed my bus today and I broke the heels of my high heels while catching the bus. I ordered a chocolate but instead got a mocha. I had angry customers coming up to me, yelling and shouting at me for no reason. While I was waiting for the bus after work, it suddenly rained cats and dogs, AND YOU ARE TELLING ME THERE'S NO BAD DAY!?!?!"

Give yourself a minute to think about this: Do you know why there is bad day?

A day is bad when you THINK it is bad, because things are just not going your way. But that is life. Without those so-called bad things happening in your life, you will never know how lucky we are to still be breathing oxygen.

By changing your thoughts into healthier ones, the unfortunate things can become as such - ďI had a pretty good day today, I missed my bus but I got a seat so I didnít have to stand for an hour on the bus. I broke my high heels but luckily I didnít sprain my ankle. The lady at the cafe gave me the wrong order but I realised I needed some caffeine for the day ahead. Today I was yelled by customers, but after self-reflecting, I know I can handle the situation better next time. And YES itís good that Australia is finally pouring some rain, I really canít shower within 4 minutes.Ē

The same events happened, but by twisting the angle you look at things, we can be much happier. We need to learn how to abandon the angry, frustrated tone; being angry will not change the situation as it has already passed.

From now on, when you feel negative in any ways, stop for a second and remind yourself: The moment you start make a step forward means a step of the past needs to be let go of. The world will continue spinning, babies are born and people will die; keep looking back is pointless.

Although we donít have super powers to change what HAS happened, we DO have the ability to make ourselves feel better and have a positive day.

So chop-chop, clock is ticking, the quicker you change your mind, the more happiness you get!

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