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Sources of inspiration that breathe life into you

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Inspiration is a difficult word to define properly. While it is often associated with creative inspiration, it's origin is inhalation, that is to "breathe in". Inspiration is then is whatever we breathe in that gives us life, or what we actively consume to make us feel alive.

Attribution: Flickr - chattygd

In my own personal journey, what makes me feel alive?

A good challenge

Whether I am at work or in my own life I like a challenge. Hiking a difficult mountain will sap the energy in your legs, but recharge the energy in your heart. Same too with a job where there are problems to solve. An easy life will leave you with little inspiration.


There are some people suck the life right out of you. They are usually those who are either complaining or only want to talk to you when they need your help. Hang out with too many people like that you will feel dead, both physically and emotionally.

Attribution: Flickr - Jesslee Cuizon

Yet there are people who fill you with great inspiration. They are usually not that complicated. Often they will listen more than talk, have lots of ideas but remain grounded in reality and share what they have with everyone around them.

Many people have the ability to be inspirational to some extent and the rare few make you want to put time and effort into being a better person.


Even a potted flower can breathe some life into your heart, but there are places in the world which are so beautiful that your heart is filled to bursting point.

I took this photo on Hua Mountain in China on a misty day

Great art

Walk around any art gallery, especially contemporary art galleries, and it will be filled with mostly garbage. Then you will come across something that speaks to you. You see it wasn't the art that was rubbish it was that you couldn't understand its message.

Attribution: Flickr - Dustin Gaffke

Find some art that is interesting to you and it will sit at the back of your mind reminding you that you can be more than you expected to be.


If you often have to deal with children chances are they will tire you out. Yet their sense of wonder, natural generosity, curiosity and playfulness is a wonder to behold.

I could go on

There is a comments section to this article so tell us some of the things that breathe life into you.

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