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Social Media Philosophy

by Roy Chambers (follow)
With social media there are many people complaining about it as a social evil. However it isn't the tools that are the problem it is ourselves. For an inspired life we need to engage with social media in an inspired way.

In Buddhism there are two paths that you can follow. The first is the pure path where you give up all worldly possessions, shave your head and live in a cave on a mountain top. The other is to find the path in everyday things, from washing the dishes to being with friends. The same goes for using social media.


Live a life worth sharing on facebook. Make sure you have enough free time to share that life and enjoy how other's share theirs.

I have a number of friends on facebook who lurk, not even liking or commenting on what I post. Maybe if I run into them they will mention that they saw my post. There are others who just share other people's content and news stories. For those friends on facebook who are trying to overthrow corrupt governments in their own country that is cool, but otherwise let me find my own news stories.

So what should we share? Have you done anything worth sharing lately. My friend built a shed in her back yard. I think that is something to be proud of. Another friend saw whales for the first time. That is also worth sharing.

Are you doing or experiencing anything every week worth posting on facebook?


The are no rules, only restrictions. Do the best that you can within those restrictions and define your own way to use it.

Twitter is a lot of fun but very confusing. While twitter restricts the number of characters you can use in a post, everything is fairly open. This means you can jump into anyone's conversation, and everyone on twitter has the chance to see anything that you post.

So make your own rules and do your own thing.


Have interesting things to do and you will be surrounded by interesting people

Meetup is where you find people in your local area to do activities with. I often use meetup to join hiking groups, even organising some hikes myself. I wouldn't be able to persuade most of my friends to get out of bed early to go on an all day hike, even if they were into hiking. However on meetup this is easy.


Accept everyone the way that they are and just be you

4chan is one of the last remaining bastions of anonymity on the Internet. It is the home of technical discussion, cultural exploration, stories, jokes and bizarre and shocking porn.

Anonymity can mean that you can choose to live a lie, but it also means you have the option to just be totally and completely you with no fears or restrictions.
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