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Sight And Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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The sense of sight provides me with plenty of inspiration. Okay, so I have never had 20/20 vision being the daughter of parents who were both short-sighted. Thank goodness for glasses which are a great help. There is so much in my life to see and be inspired by.

I usually start my day by sitting out the front of my house looking at the garden, the trees in the street and the trains that go past. To attract birds, I sprinkle seed and have water for them to drink. Sometimes I take photos of the birds that visit my garden.

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Starting the day this way gives me time to contemplate life, sort out my priorities and make decisions. I love looking at the flowers in the garden. Next year I am going to plant more ground cover. As I watch the birds I wonder what itís like to be a bird. Do they enjoy flying or do they take it for granted because thatís what birds do, they fly? I watch birds balancing on the power lines and it occurs to me they wouldn't be scared of heights or falling. Birds can fly so why would they be scared?

Looking at the flowers in the garden and the musk lorikeets and rosellas that fly by make me appreciate colour. Imagine a garden or birds all in black, white and grey. They wouldn't be as breathtaking. Colour adds so much to life whether it is colour that I see in Nature or the colour of my clothes and treasured possessions in my home.

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Sometimes I go into the city to shop or meet up with a friend for coffee. I love the sight of street art which is around the place. There are also some colourful and entertaining designs advertising businesses. This morning I noticed a bee and flower design on the window of a shop selling herbs. Seeing all these things stimulate thought or makes me smile.

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Sunday morning I went to the beach with a friend. We had breakfast at a cafť and looked at the ocean in the distance. Our food was presented nicely and the sight of the food stimulated our appetites. After breakfast we walked along the beach enjoying the sight of dogs frolicking along the sand. We chatted to a couple of people about their dogs. The sight of the ocean was relaxing and yet invigorating at the same time.

Semaphore Beach
Semaphore beach Author's own photo

One of my favourite places is the river. I love the sight of the river and the old gums along the banks. The green grass in winter and the wattle and gum blossom in spring are lovely sights. Kookaburras and magpies in the trees are fun to watch.

Semaphore Beach
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Nature is very relaxing and good for oneís mental health. Mountains, plains, lakes, flora and fauna are all uplifting and make me want to write poetry. I love going for country drives and spotting our native animals. In the Flinders Ranges I once spotted an echidna and was so pleased I managed to get photos of it.

Echidna Author's own photo

I often capture interesting sights, both natural and man made, with my camera and enjoy looking back at what I have seen during an outing when I get home to my computer. The sense of sight provides inspiration in my everyday life in so many ways.

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