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Share Your Enthusiasm!

by Emily (follow)
joy (15)     
It’s a strange thing, that the idea of being “too cool” at school also exists in the adult world. It seems that enthusiasm is juvenile or somehow not classy. The “cool” thing to do is to be distant – to act as though you’ve seen it all before, and you have strong opinions on everything around you.

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We see this easily in magazines. Models pose with blank, unsmiling or even haughty faces. Celebrities breeze through events composed; pouty; disdainful.

Why? Why must we ignore the beautiful, haphazard world of ours and instead be "above" it?

In this one short life of ours, I believe we should be throwing ourselves in with reckless abandon. Be keen. Be excited. Be genuine. Throw yourself into life. Take risks. Take the risk of taking things seriously. Take the risk of believing. Take the risk of putting yourself on the line for something new.

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Distance is easy. Distance is safe.

To paraphrase Tim Minchin; “don’t just be anti-stuff, be pro-stuff.” You don’t need to define yourself by what you are opposed to. Define yourself by what you love. Be enthusiastic – be earnest. It might earn you the scorn of a few people, but it will also give you a joyful life.

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Loved your article Emily! Unfortunately, there are times when some of those around us seem embarrassed by our enthusiasm. I had a friend who would tell me to 'settle down' when I got excited over something I had seen or done. Fortunately I have other friends and family who are willing to share my excitement and enthusiasm over positive experiences.
Mother Teresa once said, invite me to an anti-war rally and I will not attend, but invite me to a pro-peace rally and I will be there. I think it is SO important to promote we are for and not what we are against.

And I guess I am not very "cool" then, cause I approach everything like I am still 5 years old. Life is just full of TOO much wonder, to be any other way.
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