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Seize the day with some zen

by tomci (follow)
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Seize the day refers to time. Seize today. Don't wait for tomorrow or regret yesterday passing you by.

Carpe Diem. What does this mean? It's a term used by artists, philosophers, poets, and of course those who feel that Latin makes them sound smarter.

But seriously- what does it mean? Carpe diem means "seize the day."

You've probably heard this phrase before, but its significance eludes people because of its possible ambiguity, but it's actually a very important mantra, and here's why.

"Seize the day" commonly refers to taking control of one's life, of embracing the present and moving forward, fully in tune with the "now" that is how we experience our lives.

So this idea, "seize the day", really has a deeper meaning. And that is "seize the moment." It's an idea that hasn't been excluded to just Latin poets and free thinkers, Zen masters have been practicing this idea for thousands of years, and it works for anyone.

Are you overwhelmed by your job? Do you find that too many tasks are overwhelming you and you lack the motivation to get through the day?

Instead of focusing on how much you have to do, focus on what you can do right now. Pick the task that you can start and complete it right away, without hesitation. Don't worry about all the other doubts and factors that are distracting you. Just focus on the moment. Once you have that task done, without fretting over what little progress you think you made start the next task.

Try doing this every day you go to work. Don't stop this line of thinking. If it feels like meditation you'll know you're doing it exactly right. Feel relaxed and in control. Remember: one task at a time. This holds true down to every keystroke on the computer, every phone call you have to make, even every trip to the bathroom. Focus on that singular moment and nothing else.

Your productivity will soar, but more importantly, your stress level will diminish. The day will glide by, not in a frenzy of panic and frustrating obstacles that you feel you must battle.

Your day will feel fulfilling, fun even. Can you imagine: having fun with your job? You should be, even if its a career you're not all that interested in, because there is one thing that Zen thinking and "carpe diem" want you to do: take control of your life, don't let your life take control of you.

Seize the day refers to time. Seize today. Don't wait for tomorrow or regret yesterday passing you by.

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This is a fine thought, thank you for this article. I like to watch birds in the garden. They attack one thing at a time, and seem to do well in their lives.
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