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Secrets to Happiness #3 Find Your True Calling

by Jo Ferguson (follow)
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In its early days, a calling related specifically to religion. A priest would talk about finding their calling. This would imply that they received some sort of guidance or message from a higher being that they were chosen to lead others through the church.

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Find Your Calling

Today we have expanded the definition of a calling to mean a vocation that speaks to you in some way. It is generally agreed upon that a calling has three elements; passion, talent, and external motivation. Let me explain what this means.

A calling is something that you are passionate about. It gives you a sense of joy and fulfilment.

A calling is something you are naturally good at. You have a gift or a knack for doing well at this activity. It promotes a sense of confidence and belief that you can be successful.

A calling is something that you feel compelled to use for the good of other people. By using this talent, you have a strong desire to help others or have a positive influence on them.

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Make Your Mark

It is generally agreed upon that a calling is NOT so highly motivated by financial or personal gain. This does not mean that a calling will never provide these benefits; these are merely of less importance.

By finding your calling you are more likely to be happier and more content with life. You will feel a sense of purpose and self worth in discovering a role that you not only love, but that feels right, like it is exactly what you are meant to be doing. A calling will give you a sense of fulfilment, having made a difference in some way.

But I donít have any special talents I hear you cry. I disagree.

Everyone has something that they know comes naturally to them. It does not have to be something creative or a profession in the paid sense. Parents who feel that motherhood or fatherhood is their true calling experience a greater sense of satisfaction in their role. They are more likely to raise confident, well adjusted, happy children.

You may have to work hard for a long time to refine your natural gifts. Most successful artists did not simply pick up their creative tools and produce masterpieces overnight.

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Find Your Path

Itís all about being motivated to find your own unique path. Anyone can do it; you just need to be honest and true to yourself. Itís about identifying the things that drive you, inspire you, and come naturally to you, whatever they may be. Most importantly itís about the desire to make a difference to others in some way, your way.

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It took me several decades to finally acknowledge my own calling. I think on some level I have always known, but since I couldn't see a way to make a living from it, I refused to see it for what it was. But once I accepted it, it has changed my life. Great article Jo.
Thanks Tracie yes I think many people struggle because they only see the financial possibilities, but there is so much more to happiness and fulfillment than money as we know, and the financial rewards can come along with hard work in many cases anyway. :D
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