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Seasons As Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Maple Leaves
Authorís own photo

Each season has its own appeal and things I like about it. However, I donít like excessively hot weather or humidity. If it rains heavily at a time inconvenient to me I will have a grumble but I try to remember how good it is for the garden. Different types of weather can be inspiring and I have been moved to write poetry about the weather. Sunrise and sunset can also be inspirational which is why so many people take photos at these times.

We remember what the weather was like on important occasions such as weddings, Christmas Day and any times we are celebrating out of doors.

The weather on the day of a funeral is something one doesn't forget especially if people were huddling together sharing umbrellas in an attempt to keep dry. When writing short stories it is often relevant to describe the weather to set the scene.

I remember one Christmas we were going to eat outside as there was insufficient space inside. We had a big cement table which couldnít be moved under the fig tree. It would be a lovely shady setting. The only problem was it started to drizzle. We had to quickly arrange a make shift table under the verandah.
The next year Christmas Day was really hot.

Once we start getting real autumn weather I am relieved summer is over. Cool weather can be invigorating. I have energy and enjoy going for a walk. Autumn is a great time to go for a drive in the Adelaide Hills and take photos of the autumn leaves. It is lovely to watch the leaves fluttering down.

Autumn leaves. Authorís own photo

I especially appreciate autumn leaves after living in a regional area where there were few deciduous trees. I was less aware of autumn due to the lack of autumn leaves.

I love the smell of wet gum leaves and pine needles. The world seems so clean and fresh after a good rain. There is nothing like it for the garden. Although I donít like to get drenched I donít mind walking in light rain, protected by an umbrella.

Being a person who doesnít feel the cold that much, I can say I like the cold weather. Where I live it doesnít get excessively cold in winter and the nights rarely drop to zero. I donít find the need for a hot water bottle here and enjoy rugging up in something cosy on a winterís night.

By the end of winter I am ready for warmer weather and the longer days. We get some beautiful days in spring when it is not too hot or too cold.

Spring is lovely with the sight of blossom and new leaves. I particularly like almond blossom and find the sight of it lifts my spirits.

Almond blossom. Authorís own photo

Spring is a fantastic time to get out into the garden and plant seeds. This year I want to plant more flowers in the spring.

Swallows have a mud nest under my car port and I love watching the fledglings learning to fly. Spring is an inspiring season.

Then summer comes. When the heat is not excessive it is great to go to the beach and laze about.

Street art at Glenelg inspired by summer. Authorís own photo

Although I donít like the hottest days, this type of weather has inspired the poet in me and I have written a number of poems complaining about the heat.

Often the early morning on a hot day is nice with a gentle breeze. I make a point of spending some time outside enjoying the coolness. I appreciate the cool hours because I know the heat is coming.
Sometimes the evenings are pleasant too.

Each season can be inspiring. Sometimes I simply take note of the experience and at other times I grab my camera or write something in response.

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