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Remembering the Dream...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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What was it that you wanted to be when you grew up?

What was it that you wanted to do with your life before someone told you that you couldn't. That it would be too hard. That very few people ever succeed at that. You better have a "back up" plan.

I took the easy road. The safe option.

I listened to that someone who told me that it would be too hard. Unfortunately in my case, that someone was Me! I grew up with extremely supportive parents, who told me that I was smart and talented and clever and that I could do whatever I wanted to do with my life. But I never believed them. I knew better.

So for 3 decades, I searched for that thing that I was "meant" to do with my life. And I searched pretty hard. I knew that it wasn't what I was actually doing with my life. Not that I hated my career choices all that much.... they just did really suit me. I was good at them.... but something just wasn't quite right.

I knew that there was something out there that I was "supposed" to be doing with my life. My dream job. My true calling. And if I just searched hard enough, one day I could find it.

But I was wrong!

It's not about "finding" it.... It's about "remembering" it.

It's about reconnecting with that passion you had as a child. That something that lit you up inside whenever you even thought about doing it. It's about blocking out the nay-sayers, even if those nay-sayers are you.... especially if they are you.

Tracie Louise Photography rosella nature dream career inspiration

If it's in your heart... it's there for a reason.

Don't spend decades trying to discover something that has been there all along. REMEMBER IT!! And remember that your soul gave you this gift for a reason. It may not be the "safe" option. But life was never meant to be safe... it was meant to be LIVED.

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