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by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Highway Bridge over the creek

I love this photo... not because of what it is, but because of what it represents... perspective.

If you were to visit the spot where I took this image, you would never recognise it.  It looks nothing like it does in this picture.  It's a dirty old creek, running underneath a highway bridge, with debris still in the trees from last years flooding.  It's unloved, uncared for, and not a particularly attractive place to spend time. 


If you stand at just the right angle.  In just the right light.  At just the right time of day.  With just the right attitude.  What you get is Magic.  What you get is.. infinite possibilities.

And this is EXACTLY how it is with life.  When you focus only on the reality of how things look right now... they may not look so hot.  They may be a little dirty, a little unloved, a little uncared for, and possibly not that attractive.  But if instead, you focus on what COULD be.  If you are willing to look at your life from a different angle, in a different light, and maybe even with a different attitude, you might just end up with Magic, with Infinite Possibilities.  

Highway Bridge over the creek

You get what you focus on.  You create your reality one moment at a time, one thought at a time.  So by continuing to only see what is currently "real" for you... that is exactly what you will create more of.  If you want to see a different picture, a better image, you need to take a different perspective.  It's totally possible.  I did it with these photographs... and I'm doing it with my entire life. You can too.

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