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Pain is not Invisible part 2

by sharo (follow)
At 59 I feel amazingly alive, and live life as an adventure! Come and adventure with me!
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So why do people hold on to the pain of the past, the hurts, wounds, slights, misunderstandings, heartaches? Is there some purpose to this? Are they torturing themselves, getting even with those from their past, do they know how much pain they exude? Are they blind to it all?

Like a rushing river, pain can drowned you!

The longer they hold onto these pains the more damage they do. Pain is not invisible and it leaves scars and open wounds if not dealt with. Just watch someone who has not dealt with their pain.

Marriages and relationships have not gone the way they were expected to, guilt eats at them from past decisions, or perhaps sorrow from a broken promise has turned into bitter anger.

Pain seeps out surrounding everyone around them. Affected by the hurt and negativity they live in anger and turn it on themselves. Their health suffers and life is a struggle. For some, they don't seem to know any better than to remain eternally sad over loss, over the fact that life did not turn out the way they wanted it to. Some put on brave faces, not wanting you to know they are in pain, yet it escapes them because it cannot be contained once it gets too big.

You can poison yourself until there is nothing left!

So why do people do this?

They fear their own pain, thinking this is the way it has to be. They don't look to see what is there for fear that it might swallow them. Is it not better to look and to deal with it, let it go, forgive and get on with living? If people do not deal, they will not heal, it will keep coming back to them. It is like having a permanently broken bone, terribly painful and always there, never healing. The pain becomes part of them. Yet this pain diminishes joy and life.

Life can be so much different, lighter, even happier. To deal with pain is to let it go, to be free to get on with life.

Find the love!

Do you know someone who is in pain? It is hard to watch them and eventually you can be pulled in too, making you angry or sad at the same time. It is hard not to be affected by this. You can only hang around for so long. Then you have to make a choice, you can leave, stay and be stuck in your own pain, or try to help them.

So what do you do?

You show them this article. Have them read Echart Tolle, Louise Hay, Carol Tuttle and find someone to help with energy healing. Try anything that will make them wake up to their pain. Is it not better to be pain free?

Transform and feel the freedom!

For those of you in pain, once you take a look at your pain, you can deal with it and let it go. Then it is gone. You are not doing yourself any favours by keeping it. You will feel free, at ease, maybe even joyous, and able to release and surrender it. To live and love can be the way to go.

You just need to look. It is not as scary as you think. I have done it myself and have healed several things in my life. You can do it too and feel light rather than carrying around a heavy weight on your shoulders.

You can feel lighter!

Find a way and let it go.

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