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Pain is not Invisible part 1

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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I just recently arrived back in Brisbane from a trip to the city where I was born. Once a year we go to Canada to see my mother in law as well as other family and friends.

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Mixed emotions!

For the last couple of years those visits have been tension filled and emotional, always leaving me weary, unsure of myself because of problems that have arisen over time, from not following my heart and dealing with them in the moment.

This time I was determined to enjoy myself but 3 weeks before we left I felt the familiar stirrings and emotions, finally recognizing them for what they were, dread, ambivalence, all undealt with and a bit of anger thrown if for good measure.

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Positive can happen!

As I have been practising energy healing I used my tools to acknowledge and release the built up energy blockage. In turn, I enjoyed myself without the resistance I had previously felt. I am continuously thankful that I practise energy healing as this trip was definitely a testament to the positive outcomes that it brings along with pain relief.

It was a great pleasure to see those who are happy, loving, and moving through their lives. We went to rekindle ties and to meet new family members, converse with old friends, and see where everyone had come to in their lives, bringing me to the purpose of this article.

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Your worries and pain can fly away!

It was hard to watch those people who were still, year after year, living with pain and wearing it like an armour. They seemed unaware that the pain was not invisible, poisoning them. If I could paint a picture for them, would they be able to see the hurts and undealt with emotions they carry around with them?

The unkind words to a spouse spill out in front of their children, wounding not only themselves but all involved, causing damage as they go.

There are those unhappy at the cards that life has dealt them, with scowling faces they look at themselves in mirrors. What do they see when they do that - anger turned on oneself, sorrow maybe? certainly not self-love. Then there are those who joke at other's expense, always judging everything and everyone, yet they do not open their own door and look inside for fear of what they may see.

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Sadness and pain are not invisible!

Because we are who we are to each other, these old friends and family don't see me as anyone different than I was years ago. This is sad because I have come so far in my own healing and would love to help them get past their pain to find love again, for themselves and each other.

This journey back made me realize I can only help those who want it. I came across a plaque in a store that reads, "You can't rescue the damsel if she is in love with her distress!" Enough said.

But what if I could help someone else?

So what do you think of living a life filled with pain? Are you one of these people, are you someone who is affected by someone else's pain? Would you know the pain if you saw it?

What pain can look like!

Shall we take a look?

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It can be difficult dealing with angry people who refuse to see the good things in life, that's for sure. But when you move beyond the anger yourself, you realise you don't have to carry the baggage of others.

Well done on moving to a better thought process!
Thanks! And I agree with you, life is too short and there is too much to experience. It is better to let go of the pain so that you can see life as a joy!
by sharo
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