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Old Farm Machinery And Rusted Vehicles As Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Old Farm Machinery
Old farm equipment. Flinders Ranges. Authors own photo

Some people would consider old broken down tractors, rotting wooden carts and rusted out cars on a farm as just junk. However I am inspired by this type of thing. I wonder about the history of each item. I have seen sculptures made from old rusty cogs, chains and other parts of abandoned machinery and I am amazed at the ingenuity of the artists who created them. Some farmers have welded scrap items together to make something of use for their farm. One personís junk is another personís craft materials.

Over the years I have photographed a number of items of old farm machinery and some old cars and trucks. Most of these were in the Flinders and Gawler Ranges and Eyre Peninsula. I wonder about the age of the wooden wagons I have photographed.

Wooden Wagon At Hawker
Wagon in front of renovated building at Hawker. Authorís own photo

As I donít have a farming background I donít know what the various pieces of farming equipment are called. I am curious about the old machines I see and wonder exactly what their function was. Sometimes the rust colour is similar to the red earth characteristic of these areas.

Old Wooden Wagon
This rusty piece of equipment is similar in colour to the red earth. Authorís own photo

Sometimes farmers weld old machinery to create something that can be used today. I liked the way this piece of old equipment has been utilised to support the station sign.

Old Wooden Wagon
Authorís own photo

I have always been fascinated by windmills. When I was a child my sister and I would count the windmills when we went on a drive. Many windmills have been maintained and are still used to pump water. Where a farm has fallen into disrepair there are sometimes windmills which are no longer used. They are a reminder of the farm or station that was once there.

Remains Of Windmill
All that remains of a windmill. Authorís own photo

Some properties in rural areas have an old truck or maybe more than one. These can make interesting subjects for a photo or two. They are a reminder of a time when trucks had a running board and were cranked to get the engine started. There were no seat belts or air conditioned trucks back in those days.

Remains Of Windmill
An old truck with farm buildings in the background. Gawler Ranges. Authorís own photo

Old cars can add interest to a rural scene. When I see an abandoned car a long way from the nearest farm I wonder about its story. Did it break down in this spot and the owner just left it there? Did someone tow it here and dump it?

Remains Of Windmill
I love the way plants are growing through this wreck. Authorís own photo

Old farm machinery and rusted vehicle wrecks make me ask questions. They are a piece of the history of rural Australia and they are something I like to take photos of.

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