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No Shame in Happiness

by Emily (follow)
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I have a confession to make. A confession - perhaps also a realisation. A discovery. But first I will set the scene.

apple and books
A bookish exterior...

On the surface, Im composed and intelligent. People commend me for being articulate; I have a minimal, almost preppy style, read classics and mainly watch news and documentaries. People who are now close friends have confessed than on first meeting me, they thought I was boring/too cool/snobbish/classy/a try-hard/ insert your own adjective here. (Has this ever happened to you?)

I dont actively encourage this perception not that Im aware of! But sometimes I let it slide, worried that if people knew Im not the person they think I am theyll be somehow disappointed, or even embarrassed for me.

I dont want to do that anymore.

My confession is this: I love no, I adore, YouTube videos of underdogs triumphing in talent-quest TV shows. In the secrecy of my own bedroom I have spent many hours adding to my favourites list of such gems: the homeless man from China whose singing moves the judges to tears, the young German girl with the voice of a trained opera-singer, the group of British labourers who sing like concert tenors. Without fail I will be transfixed by their unassuming manner and inevitable success, a huge, dopey grin on my face and tears running down my cheeks. When Im not YouTubing the next singing sensation, I will be dancing to Jason Derulo. I will I confess it rap. Or at least attempt to. I will make faces at myself in the mirror. I will sit inside a cardboard box and pretend its a car.

apple and books
Inner energy and delight

People say life is short. It feels kind of long to me. Either way, the most important thing is happiness. Nothing else the prestigious job, the classy exterior, who youre wearing or what guest list youre on really matters. Happiness comes first.

I have found things that make me happy. Reading TS Eliot may be one of them, but so is a silly face in the mirror, youtube singing triumphs, my overactive imagination, playing childish games, and throwing shapes to sick beats. And Im no longer going to apologise for that. Because I'm happy with my life - and that's worth everything to me.

What do you not normally admit to, that brings you joy?

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I usually come across as really bubbly, outgoing and confident but its all a clever facade to hide how shy, terrified and awkward I am feeling.Nice article :)
We all wear masks. I think that is why I spend so much time in solitude because it is only then that I don't have to wear mine.

Being a painfully shy person growing up, people used to make the assumption that I was aloof or snobbish, which was never the case. I'm just awkward in social situations, so I tended to keep quite.

As we get older, I think we start to care less and less about what the outside world thinks of us, preferring to concentrate on how we feel about ourselves and doing what feels right and good for us.

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