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Nightly News... none of my business

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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Being the butterfly... please watch the video link below

Most of the people in my life like to watch the nightly News and keep up with the events of the world.  Not me.  Ever since High School, I have chosen to find something more enlightening to do with my time each evening.  It didn't start out to be a deliberate and spiritually conscious decision to avoid the News.  I just never enjoyed it.  To me it was the same thing, night after dreary night.  Nothing positive ever seemed to come out of it and it never once left me feeling uplifted or revived.

Being a student of the Law of Attraction, I know that what I chose to put my attention on expands.  I know that I am the creator of my own reality... and therefore by extension... the reality of those around me... and by extension still further, I add to the collective consciousness of the entire planet.


I know that there are those who think that I am being a bit irresponsible by not keeping myself informed, and they feel that perhaps I am adopting a "head in the sand" approach to life.... possibly even being selfish in my determination to remain News free.  However this could not be further from the truth.

Ask yourself this..... does knowing about the bad things that are going on in the World change them?  Does complaining to each other over coffee and at dinner about the horrible state of affairs today, contribute at all to solving the aforementioned problems?

If listening to the negativity, then inspires you to take positive action and actually go out and do something to contribute to the state of the World... then great!! I'm all for that.  But from what I have observed around me, that is not what is occurring (for the most part.. there are of course exceptions).

I may not be able to control the global climate.  I (as an individual) may not be responsible for the earthquake, or the tornado, or the starvation or the etc, etc, ad infinitum.  But I, the individual, can control how I chose to react to such things.  I can control to what extent these things "need" to be in my awareness.  I can control how positive, uplifting, inspiring, or light-hearted, I choose to be... therefore contributing those energies into the collective conscious, hopefully raising the vibration of all concerned.

not turning my back but turning toward the light

I have often referred to the News as "none of my business".  And I stand by that assessment.  As the old saying goes, "you are either part of the solution, or part of the problem".  And for me.. knowing and adding my awareness and therefore my attention to the negativity of the world is merely adding to the problem.  But using my focus and my awareness and devoting my limited energies to the most positive and inspirational of things that I can muster... it is my belief that I am doing more to add to the solution, than I could ever do by being part of the "nightly news culture".

If I can do nothing to enhance, improve or rectify a situation.. then there is no point in me knowing about it, contributing to the overall negativity on the planet... I just believe that there are more productive uses of my time.

LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7DLokOQZlag

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I totally agree. I don't watch the news either. I would rather watch a good comedy.
This is a really interesting viewpoint Tracie, I admire your convictions. I completely agree with the news having nothing but a negative focus and this bothers me too. Having spent considerable time learning about journalism, media and news ethics, and what gets considered newsworthy I am more against the structure of news programs than ever.

In fact knowing what I know I have all but stopped watching the news myself as I find it too frustrating and can't take it seriously when a story only receives top billing because its local or about someone famous. Wheras 1400 people in an African country can die in an horrific accident and we do not deem it newsworthy because they are too different and far away a culture to be on our radar.

I hate the ethics behind journalism. I hate the way they shove their microphones in grieving peoples faces and say how does this make you feel? Its all about appealing to the emotive reactions of audiences when its TV basedl. Its all a formula and its all a crock as far as I'm concerned.

Good on you for choosing to make the world a more positive placei. You have my total support. :D
I learned back in High School Media Studies, that the news was not impartial and merely reflected the views and political stance of whomever owned the network. I think if I wanted to be informed about world events the internet might be a better option, although personally I would rather focus on more enlightened subjects.
Couldn't agree more

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