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Natural Environments As Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Gum Trees
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I love spending time in a natural environment. This may be Ďmyí local river, the beach, hills/mountains or even the desert. The clean air, land formations, flora and fauna work together to recharge my batteries. On numerous occasions I have felt inspired to write a poem or a piece of descriptive prose after spending time in Nature.

Research has shown being in touch with Nature is good for your health and even looking at pictures with a Nature theme has positive outcomes. Spending time in a natural environment increases cognitive functioning and academic ability. Studies have shown it increases a personís energy levels. When people feel more connected to Nature they are found to be happier and living Ďin the momentí. There is something in the genetic make up of human beings that attracts them to Nature. This certainly works for me and I often feel a burst of creative energy after a walk or drive in a natural setting.

I find going for a walk by the river more uplifting when there is water flowing in it. Studies have shown flowing water generates negative ions which energise us. I like to hear water flowing and tumbling over the rocks. The sound of frogs croaking makes me happy. I enjoy listening to birds singing in the trees by the river and especially love the sound made by kookaburras. All this inspires me and has led to me writing several poems connected with the river.

Gum Trees
Para River Authorís own photo

The beach is a natural environment enjoyed by many. It certainly is a place that inspires, especially if it is relatively unspoilt. Walking along the beach alone, with my dog or with a friend is a great way to relax. It is also a great way to get the creative juices flowing as I take deep breaths of the clean salty air. Throw in a sunrise, a sunset or the moon rising over the water and the ideas canít be stopped.

Gum Trees
Eyre Peninsula Authorís own photo

Iíll be honest here. Iím not keen on hiking through mountains but I like a stroll where the hills aren't steep. Mountains are amazing, a wonderful place for taking photos and enjoying a panoramic view, perhaps with the ocean in the distance. I find myself marveling at the rock formations and this was an aspect of studying geography I really enjoyed.

Gum Trees
Backroads in the Barossa Valley Authorís own photo

The desert can be a dangerous place with the risk of running out of water and perishing in some isolated spot. However, the vastness of the desert, the clear blue sky and the incredible view of the stars at night are awe inspiring. The wildflowers after a good rain are amazing. I particularly love Sturt's Desert Pea, the state floral emblem for South Australia. It is possible to experience these aspects of the desert without leaving a main highway. You can travel in cooler weather in a reliable car, with proper preparation and plenty of water.

Sturt's Desert Pea
Sturtís Desert Pea Authorís own photo

There are many natural environments and aspects of Nature I havenít experienced. For example, I have never seen real snow. Perhaps I will see snow covered landscape in the future. For now I will enjoy the aspects of Nature I have easy access to and draw inspiration from them.

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