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My Power to Believe...

by Tracie Louise (follow)
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The past few days (and even weeks to some extent) I have had some lessons in patience to learn. At least this was my original thought as I began my walk. Things have not gone as speedily as I had hoped and I was giving myself a little pep talk about relaxing, taking it all in stride, and understanding that things happen when they are supposed to, and it's all "God's timing".. not mine.

The self talk was going well, and I was beginning to feel calm and centred. The stress left my body and I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my psyche.

But then all of a sudden I had a different realisation.

"What a load of crap", I thought.

This whole.. "It will happen in God's time, not ours". As if God is some capricious, fickle creature who randomly decides when (and even if) we can have the things of our desires. That is not how it works, and I know better than that.

Then I remembered the story of Jesus feeding the crowds with loaves and fishes. Jesus did not raise his head, give thanks for the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, pray, and then sit back and wait… telling the hungry crowd that lunch is coming… but only in God's sweet time. Jesus understood the Universal Laws of Creation. He knew what was required and how to implement it. And Jesus said.. "all that I have done, you can do, and more things will you do".

I heard an interesting thing the other day. There is no such thing as a miracle!! At first I was taken aback by this statement, given that I have always believed in and often expected miracles. But when you understand the principles of the Universe and the working of the Law… things can seem miraculous… but they are no miracle. They are just things that are exceeding our current level of understanding.

If… like Jesus… we could fully comprehend the workings of the Universe, and institute the necessary conditions for the manifestation of our desires, then no delay in there arrival would be expected. The delay comes, not in "God's timing"… but in ours. We have come to expect that we must wait. We have been conditioned and trained to believe that things take time. But this is not necessarily so.

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When the seed is planted in the ground, the very instant that growing conditions are ideal, the seed grows. There is no delay. There is no waiting on God's good graces to allow for growth. Required conditions are met… seed grows.

So should it be any different for us. The instant that we can get ourselves energetically and vibrationally aligned with that which we desire. The moment we understand and believe and have 100% total faith in the outcome…. the outcome is achieved. It's not God that's the problem… it's us. "Oh ye of little faith… ".

Of course, I am not there yet. I don't know if I will ever be. But I do believe that is completely possible. And even if I never get to the point of being able to manifest my desires in an instant… at least I understand where the problem lies… with me, not God. How ever long something takes to appear in my life, is up to me and me alone… and my power to believe.

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Our perception is our reality........we create our own reality.
Still, knowing this, it can be a challenge to get right.
You are an inspiration to so many, I wonder how many you have given hope to
I am so choked up inside... THANK YOU... sometimes even I wonder if what I do makes any difference, and it is just so amazing to know that it does ♥
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