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My Home As Inspiration

by Marie Vonow (follow)
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Pottery house
Image: Marie Vonow

It is fun to go out for the day or longer and see new things and have new experiences. It is inspiring to do something different and meet ‘new’ people. However, I find it can also be inspiring to spend time at home. In fact, ‘home’ is my favourite place.

I love having a day at home where I do not have to go out anywhere. I never find it boring to be at home. The hardest thing is deciding which things to do when there is so much I enjoy doing in my favourite environment.

I want to add that I am sure one of the reasons I enjoy a day at home so much is because I am in a position to choose whether I stay at home or go out. If I am at home and suddenly decide I want to go somewhere I am able to get into my car, catch a bus or train or walk. Some people have a disability or other limitation which restricts them and they are unable to do this.

What are some of the things I love about my home? Firstly, I love the people who live there and those that visit. Having someone else to talk to and laugh with helps make my house a home. The company of my dog and cat are also very important to me.

Pottery house
Image:Marie Vonow

My home is in a nice location in a street which is usually quiet. It is across from the railway line and I like listening to the trains go past. Often in the morning I sit out the front and watch the trains. I wonder where the people on the train are heading and what their lives are like.

I also love to watch the birds that visit my front garden or sit on the power lines. Crested pigeons, spotted doves, noisy miners and Murray Magpies are the most frequent visitors. Sometimes I see lorikeets in the gum trees across the road. I often hear kookaburras but a sighting is less frequent.

Pottery house
Image:Marie Vonow

Sometimes I hear a boobook owl at night. This is rather special to me because owls are my favourite bird. I am so glad there are a few owls around even though I never see them.

I enjoy pottering around in the garden, growing vegetables and flowers, annuals and perennials. Sometimes I plant seeds and other times I buy seedlings or an established shrub. Some plants have grown from cuttings. A plant grown from a cutting from a friend's garden is extra special. I have also acquired a few plants through our local fortnightly swap group where we swap all sorts of garden produce, plants, cuttings, eggs and information.

Pottery house
Image:Marie Vonow

When I am writing I look out the window and enjoy seeing the plants and birds in the garden. Sometimes there are butterflies too. The breeze through the window energises me. I usually listen to music as I write and I have nice fragrances from a vase of flowers or essential oils. My writing environment is comfortable and inspires me.

The hub of many homes is the kitchen. I seem to spend lots of time in the kitchen and I am happy about this as I enjoy cooking. As a young child I liked to ‘help’ my grandmother when she was cooking. I find it satisfying to try out new recipes and experiment with my own ideas.

My lounge room is small which makes it cosy. It is a good place to get comfortable in my recliner and watch a DVD or read a book. DVDs and books can supply me with ideas for articles or just act as entertainment.

My home is not full of the trendiest furniture or the latest electronic gear but it is very comfortable. Other people have different tastes and ideas of what their home should look like.

Most of us have ideas of things we want to do to improve our home. Yes, there is some painting that needs to be done around here. It is good to have some plans for improvements but I feel it is also important to appreciate home as it is, right now. If we feel gratitude for the positive aspects of our home as it is today we will feel happier.and enjoy living in the now.

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