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Moving On

by Roy Chambers (follow)
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Sometimes it's possible to be stuck in life, business or your career. What's worse is when something bad happens to you or around you and you are unable to resolve that problem. You can become stuck and become one of those bitter people that complain about everything. Something that no-one really wants to be.

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Here's a simple plan for moving on in your life.

Acceptance of the situation

Something tragic or stressful has happened in your life. You've lost your job, had a relationship end or something else. As a result you find yourself a victim of strong emotions. I've heard of people who have thrown their wife out of their house and then years later are still driving past their wife's new house at night spying on them. Some people can't accept what has happened even when they are responsible for it.

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You need to learn to accept what has happened and that nothing you can do will change it. Maybe you made a mistake or it was no fault of yours. Whatever the situation you have to accept that this is the situation you are in.

The in-between time

We all know about rebound relationships. The one we have right after a big one has just finished. They are not meant to last; they are simply what you need now to help you get over what has happened in the past.

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People do all sorts of things during the in-between times. They run off to remote tropical islands or volunteer in developing countries. You don't have to move on right away; instead you can have some time now for yourself and have some adventure.

Break the cycle

The biggest problem in moving on is that often we return to bad habits. Had a job you hated? Chances are you will hate you new job. Were you in an abusive relationship? Guess what? Most people in abusive relationships usually end up in another abusive relationship.

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You need to change yourself if you are going to move on. You can't just hope that life will get better, you have to actively make the change happen.

Have a plan

If you are still stuck then you need a plan. What you are going to do is reinvent and change yourself. Maybe it is studying, helping others or a change of career. But you need a goal and a plan to make this happen.

Attribution: Pixabay - condesign

Write down some goals, then write down the steps you need to achieve them. When you break down the plan into steps it is easy to start on it right away.

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