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Make Friends With your Fear

by sharo (follow)
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Fear keeps you from telling someone they hurt your feelings. Fear also keeps others from telling you that you hurt their feelings. Fear keeps you from doing something you really want or need to do. It keeps you from leaving the job you hate, the abusive marriage, moving to another city. Fear keeps you stuck.

foggy setting
Fear can keep you stuck in the fog!

Fear can, however, have an upside!

It can move you. It can confront you and force you to make decisions, even the ones you didn't know were there.

Fear is paralyzing but can be turned into a positive thing. Fear can bring out your courage, rattle your cage, and force you to act, make you choose how you want to be.

foggy setting
Rid yourself of fear and come out of your shell!

If you can look your fear in the eye and make friends with it - it can help you grow, turning you into a courageous person who has taken a step in the right direction. You have to see it, recognize it, and acknowledge it. Only then will it go away.

So how do you recognize fear?

Fear sits in your gut, in the pit of your stomach and feels like it whirls, flows, amplifies and churns, like that butterfly feeling, all brought on by your mind. According to Deepak Chopra, your fear comes from something that has already happened to you. It can happen when you don't know the outcome of something, or because something is triggered that you have not healed.

Some fear is a good thing!

If you can learn how to deal with the thoughts that flow through your mind, quieten them with meditation, learn to observe but don't attach to them then you can replace the fearful with encouraging, positive, empowering thoughts that build your confidence and buoy you. You can float above the fear and diminish it, thank it for giving you back your personal power and away you go.

foggy setting
Away you go!

There are people who have gone through their own growth process who can help you. Louise Hay, a pioneer in her early years, has written numerous books and developed a whole organization around it.

There are many more as well, Byron Katie, Eckhart Tolle and a host of others. Ask for help, look for their books and you will find what you need.

Now you also need to acknowledge the fears, face them, stare your fear in the eyes and say "Yes, I am afraid of ???? but I can get past this. I can use my fear to help me grow".

Set yourself free. It takes so much energy to maintain a negative state. Freedom is peace of mind, enabling you to use that energy to help you change. Carol Tuttle, another intuitive and transformed woman teaches Energy Healing so you can tap into your inner energies, change out the old to new positive energies and use them to bring about positive vibrations and alleviation from fear.

Set yourself free!

You may always have some fear in you and that is ok as it can be motivational. Make friends with your fear and the world will open up to you.

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