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Make Fitness Fun

by Jo Ferguson (follow)
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Health experts will tell you that exercising for at least 20 minutes a day will reduce your risk of developing so many major health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. But letís face it, exercising and keeping fit on a regular basis can be a real chore.

Lemurs Socialising in a Group
Choose Physical Activities You Enjoy

If you are like me and suffer from chronic fatigue or other ongoing health problems, it can seem like an almost insurmountable obstacle some days. Even if you are fit and healthy, life is hectic and tiring, and can often drain the motivation out of you to pursue your regular exercise.

So how can you keep active and motivated more often?

Yesterday my partner and I took our youngest daughter to the zoo. It was school holidays and the sun was out for a change so we wanted to get out and enjoy some winter sun. Being the avid photographer that I am, I took my trusty camera along, and encouraged my teenager to bring one too.

We ended up having a fantastic time, with the ultimate goal of capturing the best animal pictures. Each new species meant a new challenge. Before I knew it we had spent around five hours solidly walking and I wasnít even feeling that tired, at least not until the drive home where I nodded off on the way.

My point is, because we were doing something fun and challenging, the thought that we were exercising never entered our minds. I was able to walk much further and for so much longer than I would be capable of if I had set out to walk purely for exercise. The power of the mind is incredible in this way.

Lemurs Socialising in a Group
Keep an Eye Out for Different Fun and Active Pursuits

You donít have to go to the zoo to achieve this. The trick is to find at least a few activities each week that you really enjoy that will incorporate physical activity. This will break up your exercise routine, boost your mood and your level of enjoyment and satisfaction. It will even increase the amount of activity you would manage otherwise.

Try to vary these activities often so that they donít become a routine in themselves. It might require a little extra planning, thought and rearranging busy schedules, but ultimately the benefits will be their own reward.

If you are struggling to make time for such activities, try exercising with a friend or group of friends to make the experience more enjoyable. There is nothing like company to take your mind off the less interesting aspects and strenuous nature of exercising.

Lemurs Socialising in a Group
Work Out With Friends

Making physical activity fun and enjoyable is the greatest motivator, so donít let exercise become drudgery.

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