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Loving Your 50's!

by sharo (follow)
Alive and well at 60 and still adventuring!!
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I am about to enter my 58th year of life. Once upon a time I thought that was so very old, but not anymore.

I have travelled through my teens, 20's, 30's, 40's, all with their own unique journey attached to them, and it has been a trip. But there is something different about being in my 50's.

hot air balloons
The sky is the limit!

There is a transformation that has gone on, not only within the body but within the spirit as well. The places I get to go, the sky is the limit. I get to be first on my list. I have started to realize that there is so much more to life and that it has only just begun.

Pursue who you are and live life at the deeper level of your soul. Don't be afraid to venture inside, learn to love stillness. Be aware of who you are. Watch what you believe about yourself. Become that young woman again, if only in your mind. You can be young at heart, like a teenager, if you like, and run along the beach, dress in vibrant clothing and go out for cocktails with your friends.

hot air balloons
There are still many tomorrows!

You can live a life most grateful. You no longer have to be a woman against the world. You have done your time as an advocate, a rebel, a fighter. Or you can do any of these things because it is what you want to do. Life can be easier now, you just have to change your perspective.

Opportunities to change the path you walk are myriad, especially if you have not been true to yourself up to this point. If you have stuck yourself into a square hole and that is not who you are, why not try out a triangle or circle?

hot air balloons
It is still not too late to bloom!

These changes can inspire you to live and grow beyond the life you have been living, to become your authentic you! Now you get to go out and play, and laugh and enjoy what life is sending your way, in a way you never have before.

If you love the road you have been walking from the beginning then you really get to enjoy where you have come from and what it has taken to get here. You are still young enough to go out and try new things, to explore that which makes your heart sing.

hot air balloons
It is not too late to transform!

Out of the 14 people that I hiked 65 kilometres of the Larapinta Trail with last July, the group contained 5 women in their 50's. We all loved it and found that there was so much more that we wanted to do and that we were capable of. My mother never wanted to try anything new in her 50's. She said she was too old. Maybe this spurred on my inner rebel but I refuse to believe that I am too old to learn anything new.

upside down cat
Change your perspective on age!

This is a place of confidence, of quiet contemplation, of self-esteem that has finally settled in. It is also a place that you can come from with self love. You can howl at the moon, dance beneath the stars, then hike to the tops of the mountains. You have the right to be here and the rest of your life can be wonderful. Think of all the possibilities. Shift yourself, your energy and your perception and love being in your 50's.

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What a beautiful article, and so true. I'm on the edge of 53, and my life is really taking off in lovely inspirational ways!
Thank you so much - enjoy your journey!
by sharo
Thank you, life is good!
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